For the first time ever, I drank coffee through a straw

I have been trying more and more to document my everyday experiences. I have felt this need to have records of my life whether for my son or for my future screenplays. Well, I would love to put on some theatrical works based on all my wacky experiences. Everything from the first time I was paged by the voice of God, to chasing a dog trying to eat a pet bird, to the first time I called the cops and tried to file a Temporary Restraining Order. Anyway, I love documenting my life. Obviously I do, as I have this website filled with my random daily musings.

I utlize this app called Evernote to write down wacky occurences, maintain my list of shows, books, and movies I want to see/read and random meeting notes. I actually prefer to handwrite my meeting notes but a phone app will do. Now, I have not been so diligent in keeping track of my daily wacky occurences but the lady month I’ve been on a tear.

One thing I have been trying to keep track of are the new things I’ve been trying. If I try a new food, restaurant, or new dress type, I’m writing it down. If I learn a new word, I’m writing it down. If I find myself taking on a new perspective, I write it down. Here’s the thing, Im tired of the same old, same old. Sameness bores me to the point of offense, these days. Which is probably why I am doing about four new ventures simultaneously.

So, today’s new experience was rather mundane but still was a first. I had known someone years ago who tended to drink coffee through a straw. I found that rather odd and had to ask for the rationale. Turns out that individual was worried about staining their teeth. Coffee tends to stain teeth and thus they used a straw. Makes total sense. I just never bothered to do that till today.

A colleague happily and proudly made me a cup of coffee even though I already had had three large ones. But what is one more? As I walked out, I started spilling the coffee everywhere. I wanted to drink some but wanted to keep walking as I was late. I then took a sip through the straw in order to drink and walk. And I kept going till it was done.

There is no spectacular story here other than I tried something that I had made fun of someone for.

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  1. I did this the other day after a trip to the dentist. My face was still numb and I didn’t want to burn my lips, but I needed that coffee! Interesting experience but I don’t think I’d do it long-term to protect my teeth – I think it tastes better without the straw!


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