Maybe I should become a beekeeper


I have written much the last few years as to how it is cool to not be wedded necessarily to just one job industry as we have just one life to live. As part of Generation X,  we have learned to take big leaps out of our supposed industries. We are the smallest generation around right now and I think that gives us some flexibility in that respect.


For a while, I was thinking I would like to become a photojournalist in the next few years.   I still would like to although I have been warned that it doesn’t pay a very good salary. I will take that warning as I am grateful that at least I wasn’t warned that I may be too old to make such a jump. No matter what, though, I will never become a chef. Not that anyone is asking me to. I just thought I’d put that out there as a non-starter.


What I have been thinking about lately is doing things that I may be scared of. Work wise there isn’t much that scares me since I am fairly calm, thoughtful and can do research. There is a script for everything out there. But one thing that could be very cool and yet very scary is that of becoming a beekeeper. Random? Not so much. A silly Buzzfeed quiz told me that would be a great career path for me based on what stresses me out. Yes, despite Facebook’s privacy issues I still take Buzzfeed quizzes. I don’t even get how they came up with that one. Nonetheless, I would like to consider it for a few seconds.


Bees scare me. They buzz, I run. They buzz, I swat. They buzz, I scream. I’m jittery around bees. That is totally contrary to my usual work state.  Thus, it could be a good next step in my life.


I’m a do-gooder. Well, I like to work for non-profits helping society.   Bees are having a hard time of it lately. I could be part of a movement to help them survive and thrive once more. Despite my fear of them, bees are quite helpful to our overall lives.  Now mind you, part of the reason I am fearful of them is that I have never been stung and thus I completely believe that I would have a major severe allergic reaction.  My fear is justified as I already walk around with a very expensive epi-pen just in case I get attacked by shrimp, shrimp paste or any such creature.


My local nature park has a bee-keeping area. I have stayed clear of it for fear of being stung (see above). However, because there is such a thing near me it makes the career transition completely doable. I can even get started right away with an apprenticeship of sorts.

And of course, I don’t expect it to be all roses. I vividly recall an  Elementary television episode named Absconded, where a researcher  who was investigating a deadly honeybee outbreak was killed. He was in the same beekeeping club as Sherlock.  In every field, there might be peril.  But I can just stay away from fellow humans.

Now, it may seem that I am joking around. Well, in all likelihood, I will not become a beekeeper. But it is a totally noble career to have and I believe would be rather cool. Besides the fear of being stung, I think I would actually sleep well at night. In an odd way, it would be relaxing. It would be fulfilling. I would be away from the computers and social media. Although, I could see myself creating a webcam page for the bees. A little publicity can’t hurt.


Choices. Choices. Choices.

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