On its face coffee-infused wine sounds good but I’m skeptical


Before I dive in to coffee-infused wine or wine-infused coffee, let me lay out a foundation of another sort. See, here is the deal. I like Coke Zero.  A lot! For my son’s first birthday, one of our activities was to go to the Coca Cola museum in Atlanta. Well, let me clarify. I was there for a conference where I had to present on my research study and it happen to coincide with my son’s birthday. Luckily, I spoke and made a splash then I wen ta parties with a one year old. Nothing better than that.   Anyway, I made the most out of the business trip by also going to the Coca Cola museum which is super awesome for an aficionado.  So, I love Coke Zero. I also love Rum. Mojitos and Maitais are my thing. Now here is the kicker. I hate (really hate) Rum and Coke. Go figure.


The lesson obviously being that a love of A and a love of B does not equate loving them together. Sometimes, each discrete item has to be loved on its own and that’s that. The same could be said if you love friend X and friend Z, but don’t like hanging out with both Friends X and Z together. Some things just don’t mix well. And, that is ok.


Now, onto coffee-infused wine. There is such a thing. Did you know that? I just found out. And when I first read the article, I was super excited. I like wine. I like coffee. It might just be worth a try. But, soon after finishing the article, I started thinking about it a bit more. Should wine be caffeinated?  I don’t like coffee-cookies. I actually don’t like much that is coffee-flavored. I just like coffee-flavored coffee. Even then, my coffee is quite adulterated as I put hot milk, flavored syrup and splenda in my coffee. Thus, do I really like coffee? Yes, I need it every morning. But do I like coffee flavor, per se?  This has been quite an existential moment for me.


But back to the coffee-infused wine. It is amazing that it is 2018 and Apothic is the first major wine label to infuse coffee into its blend.  In the article, they noted that it is a natural mix to do as “red wine is often described with words related to coffee, like roasted or mocha or nutty.”  True enough. However, I don’t think these two things shall mix. I am willing to try it once. Even twice, mind you. Here are some questions.  How much acidity will be in the drink? How much wine versus how much coffee will be in the taste? Is there a way for it to be 50/50 taste breakdown? I am fairly sure this is one of these things that cannot be mixed. Both tastes can be very strong.  Plus, how confusing will it be for my morning caffeine fix?


Well, cheers and may coffee-infused wine be glorious. If not, I can still drink each seperately.




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  1. Sometimes wine is described as having cigar box and leather nuances, but I’m not sure I’d want that mixed in with my wine! lol I’ve had various Apothic wines and I find them to have a reasonable quality at their price point. The Apothic white is a bit too sweet for me, though.


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