For the nostalgia of it: My son and I each purchased one last item at Toys R Us

I am one of those people that loves shopping online. Yes, Amazon knows my doorbell quite well. And my dog has yet to stop barking at all the packages. What can I say? You win some, you lose some.  Despite my love of online shopping, I decided to go out to shop this past weekend. One thing that I still prefer to buy in person are dresses. I actually have bought a few online and they always come looking way crappier than the photo online. The material often scratches and there are, at times, loose threads. Thus, I still need to shop in person for clothes. Mind you, I hardly ever try them on. I hate going into the fitting room. I just hate it. And I never return anything. It is too much of a hassle. I have a friend whose past time was that of returning things she had bought. Who has that time anymore? Not me.


So off I went to shop. Hi ho, hi ho. Off to shop I went. This whole week I am going through a nostalgia tour of sorts and it was only fitting to cap it off with such a purchase with my baby.


And even though many stores were closing permanently (i.e Toys R Us, Nine West), I still managed to shop a lot and have a smile on my face. The closing of Toys R Us is scary to me. I remember that store fondly as it was part of my childhood dreams. I suppose it was no longer so for so many. Sigh. I went into Toys R Us, knowing full well that I am likely to never go back to one. My son purchased a Nerf crossbow and I bought Trivial Pursuit 2000s for the nostalgia of it. While the closing of the store is sad news, my purchase made me happy as I was able to go in one last time and buy something just for the nostalgia of it all.

More specifically, my son and I each purchased one last item at Toys R Us. We now will have that as a joint memory going forward.

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  1. What a great thing to do. I have fond memories of ToysRUs, I used to take my kids there when they were small, it was always a treat for them to spend their birthday or Christmas money there. Sometimes we used to go on a rainy day just to keep them amused, not necessarily buying anything. And I can still remember the tune of their TV adverts!


  2. No wonder when I met a client in one of the outlets, I managed to glimpse at Nine West nearly empty of their shoes. I thought they just had a huge sale. Too bad.


  3. I used to love to go to the store and try all their toys while the sales people were on loudspeaker warning customers of runaway children in grownups clothes!


  4. toys r us is closing? wow! that’s sad. I like to be able to shop in person but haven’t needed a toy in awhile with my nephews and nieces all grown. Window shopping was fun (but often led to impulse buying, lol, so it was good for the stores). In high school, my girlfriends and I used to wander the mall together — didn’t realize it but those hours at the mall was good exercise — I walked miles and was always thin, a side benefit to window shopping. Trivial pursuit is a great game — hope you and your son have lots of fun with it.


  5. I have no idea if my kids have any memories at all of Toys R Us. I know that Spouse and I do, though, as it was an annual post Thanksgiving/pre Xmas trek for us for a few years when our kids were very young. We then “graduated” to the mall and other stores after that for a few years. Finally, we were and are grateful that now all they want/need, generally is $. Looking back, I think we could have switched to that earlier than we did, especially given all the books, videos, CDs and DVDs that were on their lists for a while but are now gathering dust in our retirement home. The toys that were in a similar state are now long gone.


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