That nervousness as you hit send

I imagine that decades ago, there were a lot of stomach butterflies when placing phone calls or breaking certain news in person. As someone who has had to hold a lot of difficult conversations in person, I have gotten pretty good at them. I steel myself beforehand and just remind myself that it will soon be over.

I remember the first person I had to fire. He was actually a volunteer research assistant. I had caught him stealing and was completely shocked by that. But I pulled the bandaid because that was what was needed. It was not fun to do, but I was efficient and compassionate. Go figure. I really try always keep that MO.

Despite being able to hold such conversations, I still get a bit jittery when sending a difficult email or text. Which is such a strange dynamic. Why should that be?

Well, one such reason is probably because you have no facial or voice cues to go off of. How will the person react? When will they react? It’s that waiting period that is most unnerving. What, when, how? Those questions run through your head as you type up what you need to say. You hesitate to hit the send button. You re-read the message to make sure it says what you want it to say. You wonder if you really need to say those words or even send the message. Of course, things are better said in person but not all communications can occur that way.

The technology that was to make communication instant can actually work in an opposite manner. The jitters possibly enhanced. Oh my.

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  1. The tone of an email can be interpreted so many different ways. I’ve sent things that some members of my family thought were very insulting when that wasn’t the intent at all. I so prefer to speak face to face with people.

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    • I still can’t get past the idea that some people read words that are all in caps as if I was screaming at them when all I was really trying to do was to emphasize what was most important to me in the message. I guess these super sensitive types want to see that highlighted or in italics or in different colored ink or who knows what? My twit of a boss called me out on the carpet for utilizing this methodology when in fact email was the only way I had of reaching this particular recipient. I mean, really?

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