Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy: That place in my head, heart, and mind



We all have a happy place. Even the most curmudgeon of us has a place that can fill them with some joy or perhaps less angst. I often describe myself as a curmudgeon because I am a snarky New Yorker. However, there are many that note that I often appear to be quite happy as I laugh a lot. And I mean, a lot. I often note in response to their observation about my laughing is that I laugh for otherwise I would be crying all the time.  I kid, somewhat. But, with all seriousness, the other reason I am often laughing is because I have a lot of happy places. I have actual places that make me happy and then I have “places” in my mind, heart and spirit that keep me happy. Does that make some sense?  I suppose I can elucidate a bit more.


First off, the beautiful islands that make up Hawaii make me extremely happy. It is a place where you can often catch a rainbow and you feel a true moment of zen.


You can also enjoy a good Mai Tai or two and soak in a good amount of Vitamin D. Even when a heavy rainstorm hits, it is still exhilarating.


But Hawaii is not my only happy place.  My happy place entails anyplace my son happens to be. Cheesy, I know. But it is true. My happy place is also a good television show, a beautiful flower (although that may make me sneeze), and a wonderful new rum drink that a bartender makes especially for me. Or at least, that is what I am led to believe.  A long-lasting juicy gum brings me great cheer. Dogs fill my life unbelievable joy. Music helps transport me to where I need to be. Winning a trivia contest on a cruiseship gave me bragging rights for a decade. Voting in the general election gives me a  happy sense of purpose. Finding a useful piece of junk at a swap meet is exhilarating.   Randomly and spontaneously skipping down a street path brings me the giggles.   Finding a penny assures me a great things to come. Working out brings me a happy calm. Catching the morning sunrise sets me on a joyful path for the day to come.


See, it is all good. There is an opportunity for happiness in so many things.  You just have to be open to it. Even this snarky New Yorker can see that.

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  2. I am in a place where many friends are nearby and where I don’t have to go anywhere, in particular, to enjoy a quality day. I see that some have mentioned ways to raise money. That may be interrupted by some larger processes now at work. Those of us who manage to be happy, even while those processes are playing out, will prosper in a good many ways, once the dust settles. The key is hanging together, as family and community.


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