Making ChocoFlan: It’s all filled with love

I am not a cook. I have some dishes I can make when I am so moved. I used to love to bake but have not done so in ages. As a matter of fact, my son has baked recently more frequently than I have. He was taking cooking classes since he was 4 years old. This weekend I took on a baking endeavor. I am not about to cite a recipe and go step by step here. I leave that to those that I follow with great interest.

I am just going to do what I always do here: tell a story.

While I do not cook, I am lucky that I know a few people who in fact do cook. And, I am even luckier that many of these people share their food with me. And, the share it with love. How lucky am I? At times, I think people take pity on me as I do not cook and yet I love food. At times, I think people know that I love food and feel that I will greatly appreciate their work of art. I am more than happy to let people know how yummy their food is and how much I value it. Or rather, how much my stomach values their work. At times, I think people don’t want to waste food and know that it will not go to waste in mine. Whatever the reason maybe, I am most grateful for the bounty. It is all about gratitude. And with such gratitude, the food tastes even better. So, I always welcome people sharing their food with me.

As it so happens to be, a friend unexpectedly brought over a chocoflan. What is that? It is the mingling of flan with chocolate cake. I normally do not care for chocolate cake. I am more of a tart and pie gal. However, when I got a chance to eat what was leftover (my family dug in first as I had to run out to a meeting), I was most impressed and ate it in a way I typically do not. I ate all of my chocoflan piece. My whole family was so happy with it that we profusely thanked my friend. It was actually her uncle who had made it and sent a serving or two over. As we thanked them profusely, they noted that they could teach us how to make it ourselves. That was such a nice gesture that I did not have it in me to let them know that I prefer to order out than cook. My sister, on the other hand, does cook and bake and so we went over to learn.

In a nutshell, you put the cake batter on top of the caramel before adding the flan mixture which is surprisingly simple. It was evaporated milk, condensed milk, cream cheese, vanilla, and eggs. Voila. What I found the best part of the tutorial was that he kept emphasizing how it is all to be made with love. That is the ultimate ingredient that gives it that final best taste zinger. And how true is that? Thus, a favorite place is that filled with fun, food, and friendships.

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