Seeking a bit of respite in the urban jungle

I was just listening to Bruno Mars’ If I Knew. I don’t know how popular the song is overall, but I like it as one of his sings that I hear less often. In it, he sings

Oh, oh I, I was a city boy
Riding to danger’s where I’d always run above and is hurt

I am a die-hard New Yorker and thus I love an urban jungle. I find highrises to be beautiful. I enjoy public transportation. I can readily speadwalk. As a matter of fact, I always feel the need to walk fast. However, every once in a while I need a bit of greenery, trees, and quiet. Plain old quiet.

Just a few miles from me is a set of hiking trails and a sanctuary. Yes, in Los Angeles you can find areas in which you can lose yourself. And I found a perfect day to just go and forget about it all. I did not look at my cell phone. I just walked and tried to enjoy nature and the views of the urban jungle which seemed so far away.

Every week there has to be a bit of decompression. Where you find that is obviously up to you and what helps you. But it’s great to find that space.

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  1. I saw Bruno Mars at the Shrine Auditorium a couple years ago. Sadly, he only sang a couple of his “good” songs – he tried out a bunch of new love ballads that were not as upbeat… It was still a great concert, but I think Lil John stole the show 😜👍


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