Heartbroken for your sunset has arrived

To see a light flicker away

To hear a laugh slowly muted

To feel the spirit end

Too young to fall

Hope against hope

Bravery, sadness, love and anger

It’s ok

To feel it all
I’m sorry you came and went so quickly

The earth light has dimmed

But their eventual smiles will light up the sky

And you shall reflect the light back onto them

You were a friend

You were scared

Your ragged breaths brought fear and hope

I wish I could have done more

You are gone but remain within our earth’s orbit


Thank you for being there when I needed


Your sunset has arrived


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  1. This reaches me on two levels: One is the seventh anniversary of my wife’s passing, on Monday; the second is the passing of a student who was familiar to many of my co-workers, but whom I had only met once. Yet that’s all it takes, shades of John Donne.


  2. I truly loved this one. Felt like you wrote about me. Reminded me of all the times I sat beside my father’s hospital bed praying that he lives one more day. But then there were no more days left. A part of me was forever snatched. I know he fought hard to stay with us but it was his time to go. The words you wrote spoke so much to me. Please keep writing!


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