mental health

It always is about how quickly you get back up


The Olympics 2018 have come and gone and there were some real nail-biters and there were some that were not. I still do not get curling at all.  While snowboarding is a thrill a second. Now comes baseball season. With that, there is always the story of the agony of defeat and the ability to get up over and over again no matter how hard it hurt to fall.  Some of the falls that the figure skaters experienced looked beyond painful.   As George A. Custer noted  “It’s not how many times you get knocked down that count, it’s how many times you get back up. ”


Indeed, I have lived that life lesson repeatedly. I have been knocked down many times. Usually by life circumstances and occasionally by other not-so-nice people.  But I have always known that I had to get back up and try and try again.   Of course, sometimes we can get very tired from being knocked down so often and may be tempted to take a bat that which pushes us down. But what good would that do? As I advised someone today, go do a primal scream instead of taking a bat in hand. Do something uplifting versus something that will just end up downgrading you.

Rise, rise little one like a bird


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