I liked Orville despite the haters and that is often the case

I remember many years ago, I started a job with a group of seven other people. We were young, idealistic, and eager to do a good job and have fun. The group eventually ended up hating each other. Cliques formed even in a small cohort of eight people.  It is inevitable. We tend to form subgroups.  That’s how us humans roll. I remember disliking several people immediately and then being ambivalent about a couple of them. The ones I disliked immediately I ended up disliking them into perpetuity.  Interestingly, one of the individuals I felt grand ambivalence about, I ended up being friends with them till this day.   I suppose I needed that extra information. And ain’t that often the case? Or rather, isn’t that the way things should be?


Well, on more than one occasion I have ended up being friends with people who I initially had either a very strong negative reaction to or a rather muted feeling.  The ones that I tend to really like at first, often just end up being mirages. And, so it is.
When we meet people for the first time we have to walk a fine line. Let me explain. Sometimes we are warned about people. We may be lead to believe that they are crass, horrible or weird. We also may be told that they are awesome.  And often it does make sense to pay heed to people’s past experiences with others. If someone tells me that a particular person is rude, racist and lazy I will probably take some of that into account.  But we can’t also let other’s experiences color and impact your new experiences. You could miss out on making a great new friend but you can also make your life more difficult.  Again, its a fine line.


That is how I approach television shows as well. I don’t want to let critics completely turn me off from a new show. However, I also want to steer clear of really bad ones as I have a limited amount of time.   It’s the same with people, right? Anyway, right as the latest television season started back in September 2017, the new show Orville got horrible reviews.  And, it did seem a bit off-putting humor-wise. But, I gave it a chance nonetheless.


I didn’t like the first episode at all.   But I give most shows (and people abstractly speaking) two to three episodes before writing it off. And I am glad that I did. By the third episode I was engaged with it and ended up liking it.  By all appearances, it needed to find its footing. The cast had to gel. The writing sharpened. The plots improved.   The same can be said of many people with whom I ended up being good friends with. But, don’t get me wrong. There are still those people that you know from “Hello” they were to be written off.


It is all an interesting dance.

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  1. I have tended to keep an open mind about other people. If they are consistently putting me down and are disrespectful, then I show them the door, out of my life. If they are at least generally courteous to me and to others, I give them a chance.

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