Just cannot find a new handbag


I love handbags. Probably way too much.  I just don’t have space for many more, to be honest with you all. However, I have been on a tear lately trying to buy a new one. I have searched high and low, far and wide for a new handbag to no avail.  I have gone to about 20 stores including Macy’s, DSW, Ross, TJ Maxx, Nordstroms.  Yet, bag upon bag has disappointed me. The colors are off. The styles are off. The prices not enticing.  I did find about three new dresses, though. So, that is something. A quest for a bag ends in a dress surprise.


I am not too sure why I am obsessed with finding a new handbag. I have plenty of them around. However, I did have to recently throw away three old ones that finally were too frayed to be seen in public, Actually, too frayed to even be used at home. But if I were to analyze myself I would say there is something more to my handbag search. It is almost like that television show Search Party. Have you seen it? It is about a group of self-involved millennials who end up killing someone by mistake.   Well, that is the plot of season two. Sorry.  Season one is all about a weird search they embark in that tests them in many ways. It is a fruitless, meaningless yet meaningful search. That is how I feel about my quest to buy a new handbag.


But then again, it just could be that I like owning a lot of handbags and searching for one gives me some pleasure at the end of the day.  Sometimes things are just what they purport to be and need not be about something deeper.   These days we often try too hard to ascribe grander meaning to things. Its as if we are afraid of things that just are what they are. We feel this collective need to try to dig deeper because everything else is too overwhelming.


But sometimes a handbag is just a handbag. And sometimes a search for a handbag is just a search and nothing more. The world is complicated enough without us making it more so. Live in the handbag search moment.

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  1. This made me chuckle because I’ve just been through the same thing (over the course of several weeks!) trying to find a new handbag. I know there’s more to it than it being just a bag and my concerns over it needing to fit my stoma supplies in – it represents something for me, a fresh start, getting ‘out there’, living a life, going to nicer places, actually leaving the house(!), feeling better. And it’s also a distraction because it takes up a lot of time window/Internet shopping, then ordering/returning. I will just add that I finally managed to find a bag and quench this thirst – but now I’m out of distractions and I think I’m already itching for another search-and-find project!!
    Caz xx

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  2. I know what you mean. I’d been searching for quite awhile, and wasn’t finding anything I liked. Then I looked at Pennys, and found the one I bought. They usually have some good ones, and I don’t know why I didn’t think of that store first. 🙂


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