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I need dessert for my dessert but my cleanse doesn’t care for that


A few months ago, I started a cleanse. I didn’t finish it. Well, I did end it. But I ended it after six days instead of the ten I had originally aimed for.   As I write this today, I am a bit delirious as I re-started the cleanse. I am starving.  Mushed up kale just isn’t filling. But here is the thing. When I tried the cleanse a few months back by head was not in the right place for it.  You cannot do a cleanse when you have 101 stressors on you. Today, I am sitting out in the sun feeling quite carefree. No stressors on me other than not fitting into my old skirts as a result of the stressors from several months back.   And, thus I must cleanse. I want to enjoy the several trips I am currently planning. I think I might want to head to South Korea after the Olympics. Hoping things will be way cheaper after the festivities.  We shall see what comes about. Anyway, back to my cleanse.


In the path towards my current happiness are a ton of dessert carcasses.  My sweet tooth commingled with my salty tongue and I wanted dessert followed by salt followed by sweets.  It became that I needed a dessert for my dessert. It is like that old television show Dharma and Greg where Dharma got her dog a pet. Its not a great show but I always remembered that bit. I, too, have thought about getting a puppy for my puppy.  It would be cool but I am not too sure My dog Winston would actually pick up after the puppy.  But I have severely digressed here.


Although, my bit is done. I was eating dessert before my entree. Then I still needed dessert. Yum. Yikes.  Now I am back on a cleanse. Let’s see how this goes this time around.  I don’t have high hopes for it. As I mentioned I am happy. Why should I make myself unhappy with icky pureed kale and beets and green stuff?  I think I will go for a run and think about this state of affairs. Then, I may just go get some sun in the yard and decide what tickles my fancy at that point. A cleanse. A dessert. A new dog for my dog. Its all good.

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