Whether it’s Xanthocalyx or Xalapensis: It is all a restful paradise in Los Angeles

As a die-hard New Yorker, I have rather enjoyed my time thus far in Los Angeles. I love cities. I love walking hot pavement sidewalks. I love window shop There are the mountains. There are the beaches. There are the tourist traps. There are the cultural landmarks. There is something for everyone here. More or less. I personally love the restaurants, beaches, and bars.

Overall, I like the frenetic aspects of Los Angeles. Yet, there are days when I want quiet, even in the crowd. You ever crave that as well?

I knew that I wanted to be out and about this past weekend. However, I also knew that I needed some down time. I have been surrounded by much noise lately and thus needed a rest from my surrounding cacophony. To pursue some peace and quiet, I headed to the Huntington Library in Pasadena. It is not a traditional library. Rather, it is a Botanical Garden featuring art galleries, cuban hamburgers and desert lawns.

I found my moment of zen this weekend at a garden that dwarfed all my expectations. It was just what the doctor ordered. I got sun, ate well, and exercised. I also took in the glorious sight of greenery and plant life. Near the lily pond, was a cute little water trickle. I took it all in with grand pleasure.

A garden in an urban jungle is most welcomed. I highly recommend taking time to hang out with nature and smell the cacti.

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