A golden toilet, a promise to not kill you & nutella riots



Just last a few weeks ago, we were talking to a person we just met at a bar about how there is no longer honor amongst thieves. Mafiosos used to have certain rules they lived by. Nowadays everything is a free-for-all.   Luckily for us as a society this past week highlighted that good old sense of honor. Well, maybe not. Here is to this week’s wacky news set.


  1. I pinky swearEl Chapo promised the potential jury to not kill them. And who wouldn’t believe him?  He made this promise when the prosecutor asked the judge to keep the jurors’ identifies anonymous.   I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be scared at all as a result of his promise. Thankfully, I don’t live in New York and can’t be called to serve on his jury thereby testing his word. (Note that is the only time I will say thankfully to not living in New York).
  2. I would actually take the golden toilet.  By now you surely have heard of the golden toilet offer.   Even still, this is pretty wacky. The White House asked to borrow a van Gogh from the Guggenheim. Wish I could. But instead of a yes, the Guggenheim countered with an offer for a golden toilet artwork. Some people took that to be a snub. Me? I would have taken the Guggenheim up on that offer.   But I am just a poor girl from the hood. Or I was, once upon a time. A shiny Guggenheim piece is till a Guggenheim piece.
  3. The $24 Million Air Force One fridge: Does it come with Harrison Ford? I’ve got nothing more to say on this one. But I will note it supposedly does have to feed 3000 people in a day.
  4. Are there no original ideas left out there? Have you heard that the following will be rebooted in the coming year on television: Magnum PI, Cagney and Lacey, Murphy Brown, Mad About You, Charmed, Greatest American hero-just to name a few.   Seriously, this reboot mania is out of control. Can we pay for people to go to creativity 101 classes? And, tell me this? Who will play Magnum?  Who?
  5. If chimps swear, it can’t be all bad. A few weeks back a few of us at a bar talked  about how swearing is a sign of intelligence and being a hard worker.   There is data out there that backs one up on this. I promise. But what is really cool, is that chimps swear too. I just had to share that. That’s all.
  6. I scream. We all scream for Nutella. In the lovely country of France apparently Nutella is a big thing, So much so, that when its price was slashed from $6 down to $2, near-riots occurred. I, personally, cannot get that excited about Nutella. And there is almost nothing I want to buy so desperately that I cannot order on Amazon. But, to each his or her own.
  7. What’s wrong with the money? In a recent survey, 68% of noted that they far prefer to talk about their weight than money. I don’t get it. Why do people feel so uncomfortable talking about money and their salaries?   To me that is wacky.

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