As Khalid showed at the Grammys ignore the haters on your own life walkways

It is awards season. Yah! Except, I’m not getting one anytime soon. Not that I know of. Oh wait. Butterwings176 nominated me for a sunshine blogger award. Ah, someone out there likes me and for that I am most grateful. But back to the awards season bit. Everywhere you turn or rather every night there is a new awards ceremony being broadcasted. The dresses are pretty, the shows too long, and head-scratching wins galore.

As I marginally caught the Grammy’s, I started thinking about the walkways (ostensibly red carpets) that many of these artists walk on to get to the main event. They are paraded and questioned. Many very much willingly. But that’s not what I really wanted to focus on. I started thinking of my son’s video arcade games the day before. A few of them such as the Walking Dead, showed the character (supposedly him) trying to get through various types of walkways unscathed. Along his routes, there were zombies, grenades, and numerous other traps waiting for him. Now how do I connect these two stories?


We all have our own day-to-day walkways that we try to traverse without fear. However, sadly there are always some snakes, people lying in wait with grenades, and zombies trying to eat your brain. Do I sound paranoid? Maybe. But you know I am right.

As I watched the Grammy’s I caught an Uber ad featuring Khalid -whose song “Location ” I newly discovered and love. He was up for a few Grammy awards. He would seemingly be on top of the world. But in order to get up there, he had to go through some treacherous paths. What am I referring to? That Uber commercial where he talks about how he was teased and ridiculed at school for his singing. I guess the joke is on the haters. But it just goes to show how the walkways to success (or just living in general the best way we can) can often be littered with bad noise that can truly take one down if not careful. I am glad that he didn’t listen to the haters. I’m glad that he overcame and went on to make great music. The same can be said of Kesha who also performed at the Grammys her great song Praying. She overcame being muted to let her abuser know she was strong.

Don’t get me wrong. The Grammys was still too long and I am not too sure that every performance was great (although Childish Gambino was beyond awesome). And I am sure that not many others took away the same message I did. But, anything that gets me thinking of how we can all be strong in the face of adversity is a positive thing.

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