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The early bird gets a super blue blood moon

I am an early bird. And that is a mega understatement. I don’t know what it is but ever since I was a baby I get up early and stay up. I don’t really nap and I don’t necessarily go to sleep early. I’m just an awake person. A very awake person. Could be partly because my veins no longer carry blood in them. Instead they carry caffeine. Yum, I love caffeine. Not that I can really taste caffeine. Not that anyone really can. But, I say “yum” nonetheless. As such, I am up, up and away. I am usually awake and emailing by 5:30am.

The other thing I like to do at that time, besides sending early morning emails, is look out my window and catch the sunrise and the birds flying on by. Tranquility. That is why I am up so early. Nothing beats the early morning calm. Today, there is another reason to be up.

There is a mega universe happening. Specifically, a trifecta. There will be a supermoon, a blue moon, and a total lunar eclipse. That is just about a good enough reason to get up super early. I mean, this trifecta has not occurred since December 1982. Although, there are many out there that will argue against the use of these terms. Supposedly, the lunar eclipse may turn the moon orange or red or even brownish regardless of the terms one uses. My goal is to get my son to pay attention long enough on our early morning dog walks to focus in on the sky. I will be sure to bring my camera and see what my dog also thinks of the morning sky.

That is the beauty of these events. I get to show them to my son and dog and just have fun with it. It is, thus, worth getting up early. These moments of zen can’t be underestimated.

The next total lunar eclipse will arrive on July 27 and will be visible from Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, and South America. Just in time for my summer vacation.

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  1. “Could be partly because my veins no longer carry blood in them. Instead they carry caffeine.” – made me chuckle, I think mine are the same but with tea! Quite an exciting time, I just hope to actually see something this time because I went out to see the last “supermoon” and it looked smaller than a regular moon from where I live!


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