Winter is here: Happy birthday dear sister

The winter solstice has come and so has my sister. My family is whole now in Los Angeles.  Today is the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year and the house is teeming with love, energy and giggles. Right at the end of the year, my life is changing yet again. I suppose that is how my life has been for a few decades now. When I was younger, I really wanted a baby sister.   I was not at all like the kid in Boss Baby.  I was tired of being an only child.  And right for Christmas she came into the world changing my life forever. And also changing the course of that year right near its end.

It’s an odd feeling to have so much change occur as the year is ending. We often think of change at the beginning of a year.  We make New Year’s resolutions and try to hit the ground running but by February we are usually out of resolution gas. But my sister’s arrival both to Los Angeles and into the world overall, reminds me that change can occur at any point in time.  We need not be wedded to set calendars and timelines. Sometimes, as well, things are just not in our control and we have to be flexible in how we move about our lives and jump into new timelines. In a way, I think that is why I like science fiction shows. I know that is a big jump in my narrative here. However, science fiction episodes often highlight time travel and jumping into new lives and bodies.  Endless possibilities exist in those worlds and the excitement (admittedly as well as chaos) is boundless.


It is lovely that my sister is the embodiment of my need to be flexible and to expect change at any point.  And with that, it is time for a celebratory piece of cake.

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  1. “We need not be wedded to set calendars and timelines.” Hear, hear!

    My sister lived with me for a few years when I was in a new place. During that period I came to resent her a little bit because she was not as supportive as I’d expected/hoped. We are more than four years apart in age; she’s a Leo and I’m a Taurus.

    I’m noting those differences and that situation to say that there were probably a number of reasons for the disconnect in that period, plus more that I’ve not stated here. Since then, though, we’ve both mellowed a bit in attitude and behavior.

    It sounds like you and your sister perhaps are not as different as me and mine were at that point. I hope that continues for as long as you and your families are “forced” to be together!


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