There is always a piece of New York in my home 

A few months ago, I made my way to the Pasadena Rose Bowl flea market. It was hot and I was tired. But I was determined to find something. I had no set goal or object in mind. And as such, I was quite sucessful as I came home with five things and not all were small. Only two were small. Success was sought and had.

I had just moved into my new home in Los Angeles and needed items to make it homey. Apparently, I succeded as my recent houseguests could not stop talking about how New York my house is. I can’t quite figure out what it is that makes it New York but I do happen to have a lot of artwork that represents New York. I think the fact that I have a lot of artwork is very New York in itself. And, I am quite grateful all around for that.

I found a very odd piece at the flea market that depicted New York’s Broadway in an old seedy caricature. If you were to go to Times Square today, you would not really see seediness. That is from the time of yore. This piece depicts a time before my time. It depicts a New York that belongs to a stereotyped world that ceased to exist long ago but that many may still believe to exist. It was such a find to get this at the flea market just as I was moving into my LA house. Here, in the land of lala, an offbeat image of New York exists that causes me to giggle.  It, represents in a way, how I feel walking through Los Angeles.  For many, I’m the first real New Yorker they meet.  Now, I will fill the new stereotype voids. I will be the one that they refer to when they note, they know a New Yorker. That’s a huge burden, of sorts. I can only be me. And, I’m a bit kooky, sunny and snarky.

And, I’m a Yankees fan. Always. We tend to love our teams.  And that you can take to the stereotype bank.

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  1. I adore that print of old Times Square! When I lived on Long Island (but worked in Midtown) I made one of those 3-D collages of NYC things, like an old subway token and bus transfer, a postcard of King Kong on the Empire State Building, stuff like that. I still have it, even now that I’ve been back in NY for a decade!


  2. Congress just passed a law that allows licensed citizens of any state to carry concealed weapons across state lines. I recently read a headline that this law has sparked fear among NYPD that New Year’s revelers will now fire weapons as part of the celebration in Times Square. I know that this is a tradition (gang related I think) in L.A. So, if you’re celebrating outside in either your new or old home, I guess this might be something to consider!?


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