Thanksgiving cleaning: I have a tote bag filled with tote bags

I don’t tend to do spring cleaning. First off, my allergies are horrendous in the spring. Cleaning, a heavy duty cleaning, in the springtime would probably send me to the emergency room. That’s my story and I’m sticking by it. Seriously, I can’t do spring cleaning. 

In other news, this week was Thanksgiving week and the traffic in Los Angeles didn’t suck. It was also 90 plus degrees all week. I can not recall the last time I had such a hot Thanksgiving. Thankfully (pun intended), I ordered out and didn’t cook. Thus, I was not super warm at home.  Well, I shouldn’t even say thankfully as this was most definitely intentional. 

After eating my most delicious restaurant cooked dinner, I started to clean my house. I did not go to the movies. I did not go to the beach. I didnt go shopping. I cleaned, shredded and threw a few things out. And I sneezed non-stop. Luckily, rum cures my sneezing and I have a nice rum collection.  Now, where was I? 

See, while I don’t do spring cleaning, I do end-of-the-year cleaning. My mom taught me that we don’t necessarily want to carry “crap” into the new year. My choice of words. My mom didn’t curse or drink.  Thus, starting on Thanksgiving till the end of the year, I clean things out. I purge. And this year, I need to clean out a lot of things. 
In going through my still unpacked boxes and closets that have been randomly stuffed, I have found things that should be in the trash. Many things. But who doesn’t, honestly? One funny thing I found was that even my tote bags had tote bags. I might have 50 tote bags tucked into one another. It is like that bear cartoon where they went crazy collecting tote bags so that they could save the earth. It’s silly. But so on point as well.  I need to declutter. 

That’s the ridiculousness of it all.  I have a tote bag filled with tote bags. What am I hoping to carry into the new year?  To dream. To declutter. To determine. 

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