Visiting the graveyard of her dreams



She looked at her image in the mirror. She was wearing her Sunday best.   She loved wearing her bonnet. Her makeup was flawless. She was happy, sad and calm. Amazing how one can experience so many emotions at one time. She was ready to go to the graveyard.


She grabbed her tissue box from her nightstand and headed down the hallway. She opened the closet door and turned on the light.


@rochelle FF

There it all was;  what she had come to mourn. All her dreams, fears and wasted moments of breath. They were all there. This was the graveyard of her dreams. Everything in there represented a little part of her that had died.  That day at 11:15pm everything turned. Everything. Now there were Hallmark cards that meant nothing.  There were slippers that would never spring again.


She spent a good two hours in the closet. Then she wiped the makeup off and changed back into her normal day to day wear.


Now, it was back to pretending it was all alright.



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