The odd breakfast club


It was her very first memory. Or so she told herself and everybody else who cared to hear about her memories. It was not the best conversation starter or enabler at a party. However, she fared better with the story at small, intimate dinner parties.   For at the dinner parties is where she could transport them with her mind.


j hardy carroll_ff


No one knew she was originally from Iowa. That right there threw people, for whatever reason that was. She remembered the fire trucks vividly. She remembered being held by the fireman.  She remembered the flames.


She also remembered flying out of the fireman’s arms up to the the top floor. She hung in the air looking into the apartment. People were screaming at her and with her. She didn’t know how she had done it. But she could fly. She flew in and touched the dead.   She just knew that she had to do that.  Then she helped them move on.  She fell exhaustedly back into the fireman’s arms.


The dinner party guests all nodded. Their first times were somewhat similar as well. Thus, so was their breakfast club.

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