That second torpedo order was not so good 

When I like something, I tend to really like it.  I like it to death.  For instance, I used to love key lime pie. I was obsessed with it. Whenever I went out to eat I first looked at the dessert menu and would be ecstatic if I saw that there was key lime pie. At one point, my friend ordered me key lime pie from the Florida keys. I was beyond thrilled and super full.

Then I became obsessed with blueberry pancakes. I wanted them for breakfast all of the time. During our first cross country trip I ordered blueberry pancakes for every meal. Great thing that most diners on the interstate serve pancakes at all hours of the day.

Then I fell in love with lemon pound cake. It was by far what I preferred at Starbucks.  Then it was this wonderful Greek yogurt at a local New York city diner.  Then I discovered the most moist delicious fat free muffins. They were to die for. I needed every flavor.
But I think you know what happened next in all of these obsession stories. I got tired. Some I soured on faster than others but I eventually moved on. These intense obsessions, at first, are fabulous but they will wither away. Not all. I still love mojitos. Those are a life choice now.

Take this week. Actually, take last night. We went to a local eatery in Grapevine, Texas. It was fun atmosphere with great live music. We ordered about four appetizers. Three of which left us feeling “bleh”. However, we all agreed that we loved one particular appetizer. We decided we needed to have it again. Thus, we ordered another torpedo. We eagerly awaited it.


The torpedo arrived and we all dug in immediately. And then we put our forks down and didn’t lift them up again. The second torpedo order was a bust. We quickly fell out of love. It had seemed so good at first. I suppose in comparison to the other less tasty dishes, it was great. However, on its own, it was blah.
Isn’t this a common occurrence throughout many facets of life?  We all have those “torpedoes” that seem great at first.  And we over value and need to move on. Thankfully, mojitos, coffee and chips are still tops on my list.  I would be greatly sad if they were to go down like a torpedo. I suppose the key is moderation.

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  1. Wow….super fun stuff….the message is very clear….and true….somethings are shiny but not valuable….yet some may lack shine…but are invaluable….we need to let go of things or people if they just shine by themself….but if they make us shine…then they are worth fighting for!!


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