I’ll give you a Hillary


I have a love-hate relationship with spellcheck. As a kid, I used to be a story-teller. I was a champion that liked narrating short stories. Some would say I am still a story teller. Even as part of my management style, I use stories to drive home a point and aid in change management. When I do academic presentations, I still think of them as a chance to tell a story.  As such, I would “modestly” note I am a pretty good presenter even though I use powerpoints.   Why do I bring up my storytelling past and present?  Well, part of story telling, or at least it was for me many years ago, included being able to spell correctly. I used to also enter spelling bees as a kid. At one point in time, I did make it pretty far. But that was back then. Before spellcheck came around and changed our story telling narration.



I have a love-hate relationship with spellcheck. I mentioned that earlier, right?   Sure, spellcheck helps in supposedly making our thoughts readable. Or that they are understood because they are spelled correctly.   Of course, the ubiquitous nature of spellcheck now means that hardly anyone (other than a few 11 year olds) can spell. Although, ostensibly our email correspondence is now spelling-error free. Well, not really, right?


What drives me batty about spellcheck is how it decides to just change words up.  Its no longer about spelling words correctly. Spellcheck or rather autocorrect has a mind of its own.  It decides that it doesn’t like a particular word or two and just creates nonsensical sentences. If you are not paying attention to these whimsical changes could lead to some really odd sentences.   Which brings me to my title herein.



“Thanks for the information Mimi. I’ll give ou a Hilary”  That is a sentence that I just received in an email communciation from a professor. I looked at it and wondered if I had missed some new popular culture chatter. I try really hard to stay in the know of new words and phrases so that I can communciate effectively with Millenials. I’m not joking about that and I am also not throwing shade at anyone.  Anyway, what is a Hilary? I kept thinking about whether this was a new reference to Hilary Clinton. However, I couldn’t quite wrap my head around it.  I kept repeating the sentence. Then, It came to me. He meant to say that he would give me a holler! Or so I believe.  Although, going foward I may just say I’ll give you a Hilary just for the fun (or duck) of it.   Go figure that one out now.




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