And just like that the sun has risen 

Sometimes we hold great anticipation for events and things that we forget to actually appreciate the actual event. I know many women who noted that they had planned and planned endlessly for their wedding day and then it came and went in a blink of an eye.  I suppose all those wedding photos greatly help individuals not only relive the day but maybe even live the day. 

When I lived on the 18th floor of a high rise in downtown Los Angeles, I tried to get into the habit of taking a photography every morning of the sky. I caught some beautiful sunrises.  I loved that I was able to capture such a stunning moment in time. I often shared that moment with others by sending morning emails and text messages with the sunrise shot. I felt good about spreading that happiness. 

Despite the great sunrises, I often didn’t catch the sunsets. I wasn’t prepared for them. I was living through the day trying to get as much done as possible before the next sunrise. Occasionally, I caught a view of the moon. It was hard to catch it in the shining downtown lights. 

Then I moved twenty blocks away and into a house. Time became different. It’s the oddest feeling and a bit hard to explain.  These past few weeks, I have experiencing time in a new way.  How so?  Back in my apartment, I had a lot of time to prepare in the morning. Here in my house, there’s no morning time whatsoever.  Back in my apartment, I didn’t have enough time in the evening. Now, the evening is long. I even work out a good two hours later than I did before. The time shifts are playing with my mind. And also giving my eye some new ways of catching the sky.
How so?

I caught a stunning sunset from my bathroom window my first night there. Now, I try to catch it every night. 

I’m also starting to catch a view of the moon and stars each night. I stand in awe in my backyard.

Then, as I’m rushing like a headless chicken each morning, I’ve caught some beautiful morning lighting. 

I’m experiencing these beautiful moments for which I’m extremely grateful. And it feels wonderful to feel gratitude to something bigger than me.  The sun rises and sets and such is the cycle of life. 

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  1. Everything has a season I guess. When my children were young my mornings were rushed and hectic, but my nights were still and quiet . Now that my children are mature my mornings are now still, slow, and solitary, but my evenings, while not hectic, are filled until quite late with listening to others. I remember being constantly told I would miss those mornings when all the kids were grown up, I don’t, but I will miss the evenings I have had with them as adults. Until then I intend to just savor the now. Lovely photos by the way, and I admire your intentionality.


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