I went blonde: But am I having more fun yet?



I like to change up my hairstyle and hair color all the time. Well, not exactly all the time. I did the Japanese straightening to my hair over eight years ago and then I kept doing it for about eight years straight. Then, I stopped straightening my hair when I moved down to Los Angeles. I figured, I would go back to my curly self.   Curls are everywhere these days in popular culture.  There are even websites and expos dedicated ot the return of the curl.  For someone like me who has a huge set of curls, these could be fun times.

I tried letting my curls be curls. I told my hair “you be you.” And I thought they would be. But my hair has a life of its own. First off, the curls have struggled to be curls.   They are half curls. I guess I straightened them out too often and some of my curls went into permanent hiding.   As I struggled with my curl identity and formation, I decided to start dyeing my hair. Well, I have been dyeing my hair It has had a purple tint followed by a red tint for years now.  Then, I decided to start going blonde. Over the span of six months I have been dyeing my hair each month, with each turn going lighter and lighter. Now, as of this day, some refer to me as Atomic Blonde.  I actually like that designation. I feel empowered by that versus the silly Legally Blonde references. Although, admittedly, I did like Legally Blonde (the first one, not he sequel).

I have been dyeing my hair blonder and blonder every 4 weeks right before I have major monthly business meeting. what amuses me is how slowly some people came to recognize that I had changed my hair color. While I was dyeing my hair, I kept letting my hair get curlier and curlier. Or at least I tried.  Two meetings ago, a participat noted that there was some different about me. He then asked me “If I had gotten a perm.” To which I laughed and noted that I have not as my hair is naturally curly. Then he asked is your hair lighter? I laughed and noted “most decidedly so.”


As I have been contemplating all my hair changes, which obviously goes deeper than just surface level changes as I am Psychologistmimi, I have been struggling with how to write out the word. Is it blond? Or is it blonde? Apparently, can go either way.  I am just in an all-around state of confusion at this point.   Kim Kardashian, my nemesis (well, she has no clue as to who I am but I like to make periodic references to her) just dyed her hair blonde as well and People magazine is all over it.   Apparently, her blonde hair is the real deal. What does that even mean?  Is she a natural blonde? No. Is she a natual blonde in her spirit? Apparently so.


I don’t know what Ms Kardashian really thinks about her blonde hair.   But I will tell you this. When I was letting my hair go back to its curly self, my bloinde locks didn’t work with it. My hair looked messy. I felt messy. I felt chaotic.   I wasn’t having fun with my blonde locks. And supposedly blondes have more fun. What did I do?  I straightened my hair out. My curls went bye-bye for a little bit. With the straight hair, my blonde locks are fun.  Don’t get me wrong, however. It’s not like I am out partying up a storm or having a ton of fun in the workplace.  What is fun, is watching people try to figure me out. My new look really throws many for a loop.


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  1. My hair is straight and blonde. I always felt that deep inside me there was a dark, curly haired woman wanting to bust out. My sister did her DNA and we do have a dark curly haired female ancestor. But the Scandinavian won out with my hair and I don’t do much to it because I am lazy.


  2. it’s so fun to change little things and watch people’s reactions. I can’t say that I’ve ever done something like that JUST to see someone’s reactions (it’s generally just because I personally need a change) but the after effects of such changes can be fun. Enjoy your blondness for a while 🙂


  3. Made me chuckle about how others don’t recognise what you’d done to your hair, even asking whether there was a change to the colour or you’d had a perm! I went from light-ish brown to dark purple at work and nobody batted an eyelid…a few hours later someone piped up to say I looked ‘different’! I don’t think I could ever go blonde as I tend to stick with reds and occasionally a purple tone, but never say never. Let the curls run free!! x


  4. Ah, the curls; I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to mine! I have coarse, curly hair that I usually blow straight, but I do enjoy people’s reactions when I let me hair be itself. I call it my beach hair & leave it at that!)


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