I dream of dreaming

I just want to dream

Find joy in my inner thoughts

Find comfort in a bowl of chunky soup 

Hem a most awesome sail

I want the perfect dream

To cast a far thought with wide reach

To trigger an avalanche of good humor

Flex a most powerful muscle

I dream of dreams

I wait for them all day to come 

I mind my manners to stitch a steam

Hitch my thoughts onto the moon

I ache for dreams

Magic, suds and sunshine

Bottles of vintage joy

Uncorked and unmasked 

Reach for the dream

Pull in the dream

Unmuzzle all the dreams

Fly, fly away to that magical place 

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  1. Gaining ownership of your new home seems to have put you in a creative mindset as well as lifted your spirits! Is this another photo of that home? If so, I can see how inspirational it is.


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