It felt like three days in one 

We all know that Fridays are tough. You look forward to them arriving but once you are living it, the day goes by very slowly. Sometimes, agonisingly slow. I lived one such day this past week. By 3pm, I already felt as if I had gone through three days in one.
By 11am, I already had worked out, been on four phone calls, conducted an interview, and was part of a hard-to-fathom conversation. By 11am, I also already consumed two large cups of coffee and two Coke Zero cans.
By 1130am, I actually was able to go get lunch. Eating a meal during the day is a rarity for me. I was able to sit for 20 minutes at a Mexican fast food joint, of sorts. I also consumed cola drink number three. Then I was off to run a major personal errand. I signed my loan documents and wired the remaining closing costs fees. I felt pumped and ready to begin my new house life. Yet, I still have to wait four more days till I get the keys. Oh the agony of time and sitting idle.
Well, actually not so idle.

After all that, I had to think through some big upcoming initiatives coming up next week. For a brief second, I allowed myself to panic. However, I soon got my thoughts back together and centered myself. I got this. Occasionally, you have to be your own cheerleader. Sure, others can “cheer” you on, but if you don’t have your own back, you are not going anywhere.
By 4:30pm, I was feeling fairly exhausted. Yet, the day was not over. It never is, really.  Whether it is work, family matters, parenting matters or just overall living matters.

Off I went to another get together.  I put on my good cheer. I laughed and smiled and counter my blessings when it was over. I treated myself to a Powerball ticket along with a box of Lemonheads. Here’s to hopefully winning. Anything would suffice.

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