His last hope: The wishing rock

His phone was buzzing for the last four hours. But he had to remain focused on the task before him. All of his energy was needed to be transferred from his heart to his hands. 

He hadn’t told anyone anything about what he was going to do. They would think him insane. Yet he had nothing to lose.

He finally stopped driving and started his hike. He had to be one with nature and the world around him. He needed to feel it all.

Even though he reached the rock in record time his heart rate was steady and no beads of perspiration covered his body. He was cool, calm, and collected.

He looked at the rock. The holes were there as he had been told. His hands now had to produce a similar hole. Her life depended on it. 

He will place his hands and his faith will pull through the smoke he would have to inhale, retain and exhale into her body. 

The next day he awoke and knew the darkness was in him. But he also believed all would be right.

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