Why I’m not quitting Twitter 


The world has boarded the crazy train and its not getting off anytime soon. This is a long ride ahead. Or maybe this is the new normal. Part of the craziness we are experiencing, is most definitely in part, due to the proliferation of social media.   We now are experiencing trolls, stalkers, bots, and fans in a whole new way.   There is a cacophony of opinions out there that appear to just overwhelm the truth. There is truthiness and alternate facts. And these all have taken off in major ways due to social media.  Before only a few people would hear your opinion. Now the whole world can be subject to it. People can’t seem to contain their rage.   Before there was roid rage and road rage. Now there is twitter rage.

Because of all this chaos at both macro and micro levels, many people are “quitting” twitter. They are deleting their accounts and hoping to never look back. I believe Ed Sheeran (the singer) gave up Twitter and just this week CNN newscaster Alisyn Camerota gave up on Twitter.   She noted in a letter to Twitter “You’re a cesspool of spleen-venting from people who think it’s acceptable to insult other people in public and anonymously.” And ain’t that the truth. But I find that all so interesting. But I will get back to that in a second.

The thing is people don’t only give up on social media, they write an essay on why they are quitting said social media. Quitting Twiter is a big production. But does anyone really care?   Twitter may not be around for much longer. Who knows? MySpace was a big deal one day over a decade ago and then it wasn’t, as it was superceded by Facebook.  The quetsion is, when Twitter goes the way of the dodo or MySpace, what will replace it? Will we swing back to the other end of the spectrum?  Will something that is nice and complimentary (instead of insulting) come  to replace it?


Regardless of whether it is here for the longrun or not, for the forseable future, I don’t see myself quitting Twitter.  I must admit, I barely tweet. I maybe do two tweets a day. Back when organizations were starting to use it, they were advised to tweet, at minimum, 10 tweets a day.   That’s assuming that they were distributing useful information out to the public. I’m not too sure what’s an optimum number of tweets per day.  Anyway, I don’t feel that drive to tweet that often. I primarily use Twitter to look at trending topics. I do it everyday morning, evening and night. I love to see what has captured the attention of the world. As a psychologist, this is a treasure trove of information on the collective psyche.  How could I pass that up? Furthermore, I admit I love the so-called hashtag wars. That’s when you a silly, random hashtag prompt comes out of nowhere and you have to come up with a quirky, cool response. For instance, today there was #90sWereTheBestBecause and #addPandasImproveAnything. For that last one, one top liked response was “this pandaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun…”.  A riff on the song “Baby got Back“.  Its silly, but fun. I love having to try to come up with a quick, witty response.  Its like being back in the playgrounds of New York Cituy. How these hashtags get started is a bit of a mystery to me.  Again, however, this is a treasure trove for researching collective movements and how they start and fizzle out.  
This is all fabulous data.  I am a nerd at heart and that is partly why I won’t quit Twitter. Its a mass-scale social experiment. So, I can’t quit it just yet. I can stand on the sidelines and watch the circus. 

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  1. I quite them about four years ago. Finaay believed then, all the unwashed low lights were aboard. Thought I give it another try and see if the I.Q level has risen above the third grade.


  2. This is a really interesting perspective. I quit Twitter a while ago, just because I already had enough stuff soaking up my time and I really didn’t need more. I never really “gained” anything from my Twitter feed and I basically used it to vote for The Voice…which now that Miley is back I won’t be watching anymore, so there really wasn’t much point for me. I was a lot like you when I did have twitter though, not really tweeting much and mostly using it to see what was trending in the world. That and to attempt to get retweets from celebrities I liked lol. Either way, I find your perspective interesting and I can totally respect your reasons for staying on. Have fun out there!

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  3. I have Twitter but I never use it. I’ve never really understood the draw. I use Facebook all the time but I am disturbed by some of the rhetoric that goes on there. Most of my posts are only for family and friends but sometimes family members post things that are upsetting. How can people be so hateful and full of rage all the time. I tried engaging in a conversation recently and I just had to let it go because my cousin starting excusing me of stupidity and saying things that I never said. My husband told me to ignore it because in the end Karma will bite him back.


  4. Twitter’s support stinks. I’ve had two cyber abusers, stalkers, slanderous, hateful persons harassing and threatening me on Twitter since Dec. 2015. They give me names of strangers. They post photos of different people and claim that each photo they post is of me. I have no photos on the internet. They have posted addresses and links to telephone numbers.
    That is what really concerns me, because they are strangers whose private information and photos are being posted on Twitter by the haters.
    After I reported it to Twitter, they sent me an email with instructions on how to get my government issued ID to them. Then they refused to take action against the abuser because my ID does not match the names that the liar alleges are my “real” name. Well, that is what I told them in my initial report!
    Just this past Wednesday, Twitter finally suspended one cyber abuser after I informed them AGAIN of her threats and that law enforcement is now involved.
    They notified me that the lying abuser was permanently suspended. However, she was back on Twitter under another handle within hours. Her activity has progressed because she posted yet another photo of a stranger and contends it is my photo. Reports to Twitter that the person they “permanently suspended” has returned with the same behavior that she was suspended for, have gone without response. It’s been well over 24 hours.


  5. I have Twitter – joined it way back in 2008. Never really use it; although I do think one of my blogs post to it automatically.

    I remember back when government ID was a slip of paper. Anyone could be you as long as they had paper to prove it and could forge a real looking signature. Twitter is there now. Facebook banned fake names awhile ago, but trolls still abound. I created a page in the name of my cat Jack, just to prove a point some time ago.

    Twitter will get replaced. They all do. But it will always be the “ground-breaking” social thing that gave everyone a voice at 140 characters. All the skeletons fell out of their respective closets.


  6. Followed!

    As a blogger myself, I often find that Twitter is not that useful for marketing purposed. HOWEVER, it has been suuuper useful in reaching out to brands!

    Awesome article! What’s your fave social media?


  7. Thanks so much for this post, sooo true. While I quit Facebook last year (and really feel the benefits) I agree Twitter is an amazing social experiment. Who knows what’s going to happen in the future. Keep up the good work.


  8. i don’t do Twitter, but I do see your point, being a psychologist. One commenter said she likes to ‘lurk’ at people’s twitter. I think I would totally do this too! Between the wordpress blog, instagram and facebook, I just can’t handle another kind of social media. I have Pinterest too, but never took the time to understand it, so it is abandoned. I need to spend what little extra time i have talking to real people! Ciao, Cristina


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