When you are the only one wearing a party dress

Despite the fact that I probably own close to 100 pairs of pants, I hate wearing pants. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop me from buying palazzo pants on Amazon Prime Day. I can’t let a good sale pass me by ever. I also bought dish scrubs, a water infuser and the Amazon Echo. I’m hoping the Echo will stop me from engaging in future foolish purchases but what if that in of itself was a foolish purchase?  Ok. Now, let me see what I was going to talk about herein? Ah, yes, dresses. 

I love, love, love dresses. I have a whole shop essentially in my closet as many still have the price tags on them. I an extremely lucky I had a boy. I think I would have gone bankrupt with a girl. My son wears his cargo pants, a hip t-shirt and a baseball cap. I’m good with that. When he was a baby I loved dressing him up in flannel shirts. Oh, what a sweet time that was.  But dresses. Let me get back to dresses. 

Last year, I had a gala event to go to and was unsure what to wear as this particular gala was slightly more conservative than I’m used to in terms of gala events.  I, of course, went shopping and bought four dresses. I had no intention of returning any of them. I’m not one of those shop and return people. I abhor returning items. I rather just give things away. Anyway, since I don’t return items, I tend to buy things I really like.  Thus, all four of these dresses were totally great and I’d be happy to wear any of them. I picked one that was perfect for said event and of placed the others in my closet. During the past year, I wore two of the others. 

Today, I finally wore that last dress to an office party.  Yes, my gala-meant dress was my office party attire. And, I was cool with it.  In all fairness to my wacky self, it was more like a holiday celebration than an office party. And, secondly, this is Los Angeles. I wanted to go around the room singing “I feel do pretty”.   I didn’t. However, I believe I was quite jovial. It felt so nice to wear something in a totally different context. It put a pep in my step. I’m thinking I should wear this dress to the movie theatre. Especially, a 4D screening. For that matter I can just wear it to an amusement park. I hate amusement parks, but you get me. Right? 

Tonight, I’ll dream of wonderland, lollipops and gingerbread houses. With the way the world is currently, it’s good to be a tad bit whimsical. 
Here’s to whimsy.

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