Finding a comforting sense of order in random bits of life

Look, the world is chaotic. There’s no other way of describing the world in which we currently live. Just yesterday, there were three shootings (mass) in the United States. There were also many heartbreaking stories of loss, death and fear throughout. Watching the local news is a grand exercise in trying to not get depressed. There may be may that need to see a funny movie or some its of science fiction to forget it all.   I still highly recommend the Wonder Woman movie. Although, that had mnay moments that were excruciating, i.e. those war scenes in the trenches.

In moments like these we need to find some bits of comfort and semblance of sanity and order.  Sometimes we try too hard to find that order and we get even more disappointed when we don’t find the grand gesture. At times, it is just the small things that put us straight. I’m one of those that looks for little signs of things.


It can be a beautiful dish that stares back at you in a beautiful cirular, orderly manner.




What about when you go bowling and there is silence all around you? You look around and see the balls all lined up waiting to be picked up and thrown down the alley.



There is symmetry and order everywhere. And one can take delight in such symmetry for a second, or a minute or two. Find peace in random bits all around you. That’s the lesson I’ve learned from my young son. 



I know such thoughts and visions are not much. Or rather, may appear to not amount to much. But we don’t need much to pause from our day-to-day chaotic events.

I welcome your thoughts

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