Christmas is almost here 

I’m going to state it and stick with it. Christmas is almost here. Sure, it’s June. Not quite mid-june. We’ve got summer barbeques and vacations to still plan and enjoy. We got new sandals and dresses to try out. We still have father’s day and independence day to celebrate. So, what am I talking about?
Let’s face it. Everything is a whirlwind now.  We have collective whiplash from all the craziness.
We are already noting that the year is half way done. I hear that talk In every circle. In some workplaces, staff have to put in their vacation requests three months in advance. Thus, we are just a few weeks from having to plan out our end-of-year journeys.

I’ll probably not go anywhere for Christmas.  It’s rare for me to go anywhere during Christmas itself as I like looking at the Christmas lights on my home tree. But, I did like my Christmas trip to Berlin. The Christmas markets were pure joy. And, even though it was cold enough for me to wear three pairs of wool socks, it was The perfect place for a Christmas vacation.  But I am in the middle of escrow now and don’t know how I will feel in December about leaving my newly acquired home. Who knows? I may be really ready for a vacation by then. I can always pack a fake pink mini Christmas tree.

I’ve gone on a bit. Back to my original thought. It’s almost Christmas time.
My son’s birthday is in August. Thus, I will spend some mental energy and time on planning a trip or an event. His birthday reigns supreme in my life. So, from here till then, it’s all about his birthday and watching him grow. And being wistful.

Then, Labor Day comes. We celebrate our hard work by supposedly taking a day off and buying shoes. Ok. I do. The shoe-buying part, at least. Then we are deciding who to spend Thanksgiving with; trying to avoid political discussions, finance talks, or which Taylor Swift feud is valid. Thanksgiving has moved beyond the meal itself.  While we are weighing Thanksgiving options, we start planning for the end of the year products and start to calendarize everyone’s vacations. See! It’s almost Christmas time.

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  1. I struggled to ‘like’ this – the grinch in me doesn’t want to admit to it being anywhere near Christmas until November! I’m also an August baby like your son, and for me that marks half way through the year and miles away from dreaded xmas. Am I a grump? Yes, probably! I love the ‘collective whiplash’ expression – that’s definitely how I feel about how quickly this year has been going by!
    Caz x


  2. Christmas is the big moneymaker, the most profitable time of year. Rather inevitable that in be stretched to encompass as much of the year as possible. I have come to largely ignore Christmas and anything but an obnoxious sales promotion.


  3. What a fun post… plus, as a Christmas homebody myself, I was glad to know you loved Germany as my husband and myself will be going this year!


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