My son doesn’t want an allowance for chores

Children. So pure. So naive. So funny. My son cracks me up, warms my heart. And gives me hope. Everyday, he is everything to me.  As an only child he is a bit of a chatter-box and knows he’s front and center in our lives. That’s ok. He should feel secure.


Now with all that said, he is at the age where he should be helping out around the house and not expecting to be waited on hand and foot for everything. He still wants me to tuck him in at night.  I’m good with him wanting and needing that. It will be baby steps for me in terms of weaning myself off the notion he needs me for everything. Baby steps.
Now, again, with all that said we discussed him doing chores around the house.   At his age, I was making my mom coffee and cleaning up around the house. These days so many kids are addicted to their iPads and computers that it is hard to get them to do much. When we brought up the issue of chores, he just stared at me at first.  I thought he was going to push back. Instead, he shrugged and said “Sure. But I don’t need any money to do it.”  I pursed my lips in disbelief. I asked him again. He said he didn’t need to get paid as he already has what he needs and just walked away. Interesting.


I didn’t get paid for chores as a kid. We had no money. There was no way I was going to get paid. It was just expected that everyone pitched in to help around the house.   Where did paying kids for doing chores come from?


In this vein, while we were looking for houses my son was quite disinterested. He didn’t even care to go to many of the viewings. He said it was boring and a waste of time. I agreed on the later. But I was perplexed by his lack of interest. I asked him as to whether he care about the look of his future room? I showed him two houses that we were considering and showed him the rooms and how one was much bigger than the other.   I asked him whether he had a preference. He shrugged his cute little shoulders and noted that he didn’t. I asked again wondering how he could not have a preference. To which he answered me “I don’t know. At least I get a room.”  True enough.  Either my son is completely disinterested or very well-adjusted for this world at a very young age. Or both.


Everyday I keep learning. I hope to learn something new each day. And, happily I learn lots from my eight year old son who has a young, fresh look onto the world.


Although, I will share one last bit. When I circled back to him on the chores asking him which one he wanted to do, he answered by saying “well an easy one would be nice.” Now, that is a kid.   He settled on laundry. How is that easy, I don’t know. But I am more than happy to share the load on that one (haha bad pun).

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  1. Wow, your son is so sweet. I would never have chosen laundry as a kid tho and even I would want to know since when the “paying for chores” began! I never got paid too! Love hearing about him and it shows by the way you write how much you love him.


  2. Ace! A friend fostered children and they would not do chores unless she gave them a £1 coin. She did not give in to the birth mother’s legacy. Tricky to undo that!


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