From house to house: Keeping the same furniture for the nostalgia of it


I have started the delightful process of looking into getting a new dog as we have entered escrow. I’m constantly thinking of my possible new house as everyday there is something else one has to do while in escrow. Why is this process so long?   There is inspection. There is the termite report. There is the signing of 101 documents. It’s just a house. It’s not like I’m signing away my soul with a crossroads demon (nod to tv show Supernatual).  Or am I? Maybe there is an invisble contract across the documents.


As I keep looking at the house pictures, I am starting to let myself think of how I will furnish this house.  I’m a bit supersitious so I am a bit cautious in letting myself get ahead of the purchase. However, as I start that thought process, I am wondering whether I should be keeping my furniture. Look, furniture can be expensive. Thus, I am likely to keep as much of my furniture as possible. Also, I’ve lived in 17 cities, going on 18.  If I were to change furniture each time I moved, I’d be broke.


I’ve had some furniture pieces for twenty years. Those pieces keep moving from place to place with me. Some are, literally, on their last leg. But I am loathe to get rid of them as they have been through a lot with me.  They are a part of my home life’s DNA.  How do I move on without them? I know I shouldn’t hoard things but some things are just too hard to let go. When my mother passed away, I lamented the fact that certain items had been left behind throughout the years and I didn’t have much to hold on to that was hers.   At some point, I lost all my childhood trophies and medals. I don’t want to feel that sense of loss again.


Obviously, trophies and medals are way smaller than big furniture pieces. But am I ready to get rid of the couch that my baby fell alseep on when he was actually a baby?   Can I get rid of the chair in which I rocked him to sleep? I have to weigh those memories and sense of nostalgia against what actually fits in my new place.


So many decisions to make. So little time. I even wonder when I can sit down and map this all out. One thing is for sure. All my shoes will make the cut, as well a my bookcases. I love a house with books.   Well, that is a decision for me to feel good about.




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  1. I am in the process of buying furniture and on my way towards the broke stage. There is something to be said for the sentimental values you attach with pieces of furniture. I would not let go ideally. But I did and it broke my heart to sell the beautiful pieces for scrap. The thing is that it will never be as valuable to someone else as it has been to you.


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