My heart swells: My son was awarded awesome friend title 

My son is awesome. I have noted that repeatedly and I won’t stop.  No need to. I just have a never-ending fountain of love for him. And I feel blessed to have him in my life. He is the perfect son for me. For those of you that have read my blog before this is old news. I can’t stop gushing about my son.

While I’d love for him to be super smart and super athletic, it’s not my priority. My goal is to have a happy son that contributes positively to this world. Simple. We don’t over-schedule him. He gets plenty of play time each day. He also reads each day. And he also hears how much I love him each day. 

While he is not over-scheduled, I’m ridiculously double and triple booked. I could learn from him. But that’s a story for another day. I do talk to him about my work helping the poor and those in need. I talk to him about my research looking at the effects of stigma on general well-being. He even memorized some of my research lines for a conference. Now, while I try to do good in the world, I am also a curmudgeon. I can be grumpy and biting, at times. I have a New York wit to boot.

My son is not a curmudgeon. How did that happen? He likes being around people. He likes making new friends. He is not shy about going up to people and talking.  His nickname is that of the Mayor.  He earned that nickname in Japan four years ago. And today, at eight years old, he is also “most awesome friend”.

At the last day of class, besides making the honor roll, he was awarded a trophy for being an awesome friend. My heart swells. He looks out for others. He checks in on kids in his classroom to make sure they are alright. He mentors younger kids; in particular those in kindergarten. I feel like I’m on cloud nine. I’m so happy.  Sure, making the honor roll is nice. But being an awesome friend is awesome!  Having a son who cares for others at such a young age gives me hope.  Later today i’m attending an event with the Mayor. The actual city Mayor. I will be there envisioning my nice, kind-hearted son standing there as a “Mayor of the People” thirty years from now.  And may he be happy. 

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