About to look for a new friend


Over a decade ago, I fell in love with a most awesome dog that was a super diva and fit right in with our crazy life.  He demanded to have his fur blowed dried after walking out in the rain.  He had a corn allergy and thus could only eat high-end dog food.  He loved appple pie. How could one not love such a dog? But he had me at hello. 
He was my friend. He was my companion while I puked for seven months from morning sickness. He was loving, funny and just plain old awesome.

milo with rainbow

Now that we are in escrow in Los Angeles, we are starting to look at the animal shelter websites with hope in our eyes. We have waited a few years after Milo’s death before considering adopting a new dog. We had to have time to mourn our awesome Milo’s passing. We had to honor his legacy. It’s been four years. I still think of him. However, I am now starting to think of having a new dog in the home.


I am looking forward to falling in love again with a new dog. I’ve even started thinking of names. What can be a good name for a dog we adopt in Los Angeles? My son has been talking non-stop about our future dog. He has been praticing how he will feed it. Which is totally adorable. I am excited to see my son be a caregiver. I am excited to see him running around like a crazy boy with his dog.  I can imagine my heart soaring. So many things to look forward to with a dog. I wonder if I can teach my new dog to sing the way my Milo used to.   Oh that was such happiness. 
A new friend. Yes, I am looking forward to a new buddy in my life. And I think my old friend would be ok with that cause he loved me so. 

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  1. Every friend is special in his own way….u cannot make them behave the same way….u can hope…but then Ur expectations may not match…your love will make him special….you will gain a friend and time will teach both of you to live together…that is what i have learnt…peace!

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  2. I love this post. Hit me in the heart. I lost my little Sparky back in February and he was definitely my heart dog. I think it’s wonderful that you’re getting a new furry friend to keep you company and I think Milo would definitely approve. Keep us all posted on the search.

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  3. A bittersweet post. Your memories of Milo are special, so will be the new dog who becomes a part of your family. It is all about making a place in your heart and that you are ready to do. What an exciting phase when you are about to welcome a new family member! x

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  4. Milo sounds like an amazing dog and friend. I am sorry for your loss. I definitely understand about needing time to mourn. I know will never be able to replace Milo, but I hope you find another friend you can love. Wish you the best – speak766

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  5. So Bittersweet. Milo is in doggy heaven playing with all of other beautiful dogs, I’m sure of it. 🙂

    How exciting that you are looking for a new dog to love and care for. Bringing a dog into the family is quite a journey but an amazing and rewarding one. In fact, it’s priceless.


  6. I lost a beloved dog. I keep thinking I should travel, enjoy having less dog poop to pick up, appreciate sleeping in and not having to worry about letting out a dog. But I still want a puppy. Can you explain it? It’s as if I don’t want my freedom


    • You captured my thoughts throughout the years. 🙂 I hate boarding my dog. Did it only twice. Otherwise we got house sitters for when we were on vacation. And who likes picking up poop? But still, there’s something about having a dog that takes all that away. 🙂


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