Forget grievances: That gift, that moment is what I will remember 

I’m a Taurus. I tend to be stubborn and I also have a great memory. And I hold onto grievances. Rather. I move on but my back pocket has some memos.
Many moons ago, I had a work colleague that was a bit unstable. And, I’m being nice in my description. And by no means, has he been my only unstable colleague.  The workplace isn’t for everyone.  And no workplace is perfect for everyone. I bet even Google has some unhappy employees despite the ping pong tables, onsite gym, and high-end snacks.
Anyway, Mr X would mouth off at people and nearly caused the CEO to have a nervous breakdown. He was decent at his job. He was funny at times. But overnight he was fired because he eventually crossed a line. Yet, when I think of Mr X, I don’t think of all the so-called horrible things he did.  I tend to think of the time he did me a major solid. He came through for me in a grand emergency I underwent. And the repercussions that followed were only great things. I shall explain.
I had major pain in my right side.  I went to an all-female clinic that was supposed to be woman-centered. They found I had yet another cyst on my ovary. They said I should consider scheduling a follow-up appointment six weeks thereafter. I was upset and in pain. Agonizing pain. Mr X saw and inquired as to what was wrong. Ten minutes later I was talking to his brother who knew the top surgeon in NYC. He took my information. 30 minutes later that top surgeon called me personally and told me to come in right away. I came in and paperwork was underway. I immediately got a scan and they prepared me for emergency surgery. Six hours later I was in the post-op room recuperating.
Something like that is unforgettable in a good way.  Through that top surgeon I connected with a great ob-gyn who take care of me as I was labeled a high-risk pregnancy.  I had a healthy baby boy. The boy of my dreams.


Mr X had problems but he was a good man. He is a good man.  And while I remember grievances, I also make it a point to remember a kind word, a kind hand on my shoulder as I found out my mom was dying, and a kind outing to get me out of a sticky situation even though the person was not feeling well.  People may laugh at Mr. X but he was there for me and probably just needs someone to be there for him.  Moments like that I strive to remember throughout my life. Those who were kind when others were not. Those that showed moments of vulnerability shouldn’t be forgotten. Sometimes in this current environment we don’t see the person as their whole self. I’m trying to see.

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  1. I wonder what Mr X is doing now? It’s funny how the most extreme characters are usually the ones that surprise us the most. I have met a few Mr X’s in my time and they have always ended up being some of the kindest people I’ve known. It’s a shame not everyone gets (or chooses) to see that side of them. Thank you for sharing such a lovely story 😊


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