What am I to do with 32,210 emails?



We all know very well that we get way too many emails. No one talks anymore.  Even emails may be too last century at this point. Emails are too long for many. Text messages may be the method by which most prefer to communicate.   But how can we live without emails? we work from home. We work in the showers and baths. We work on trains and in cars. Most, if not all, feel overwhelmed by all this constant communication.


I decided to look at my emails collectively. I wanted to do a census. I have three email accounts I use (in some way or the other) in some consistent manner.  Across the three accounts, I had 32,210 emails in one moment in time.  I looked at it all and was shocked that somehow I haven’t gone insane or sent crazy responses out in return.  For some inexplicable reason, I haven’t missed many of the emails. Actually, it’s not inexplicable. I work a lot. I work hard.  I don’t stop working the second I leave the work building.  Some may say I’m insane or an idiot or both. It is completely possible to be both. I’ve seen it for sure. But I don’t believe I am either. 
I think I need to delete some of my emails.


There are some people who completely amaze me in that they easily delete their emails. They read the email, act on it and then delete it.   I don’t have that type of discipline. I read them, flag some for follow up and then move on to the next email.  I delete mass emails. And I delete obnoxious emails that would set me off. I delete them as an act of self-preservation in that I don’t want to get and stay annoyed.  I delete emails that could possibly cause me to send a nasty one back in return.  Such an act helps me stay sane, centered, and seemingly nice.  But otherwise, I let emails stay in my email bank.


Here’s the thing, I figure that its safe and best for me to keep emails. You never know when you need proof of something. It is amazing how people will send certain items via email. even after watching on television shows and news shows how many have been brought down by an email that they sent. I try to limit what I send out but keep a rather large email library. But 32,000 emails? And that is just going to grow. That is actually a rather small amount of emails compared to past workplaces and the like.   I would love to just delete them all in one fell swoop.
But I just can’t seem to hit that delete all option. I should just tweet going forward. Tweet all my thoughts and directives. And maybe one day I’ll get to be President.  I can go for that. 

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  1. I’m with you on that – I always seem to put emails into folders to keep “just in case”. Going through emails and getting rid of them isn’t a quick process for me either! The last part about becoming president made me chuckle 🙂


  2. I just hate all of the garbage emails. Over 75% of the emails I get are stuff that I dont’ even care about. Advertising, people trying to sell something, some update about some product I buy every now and then….and the list goes on. I thought when technology started to advance in this way that people were doing it so they could get work done faster and have more time for family, friends, and fun…now they are doing the opposite. Using it to increase their workloads to unfathomable amounts. I just think it all needs to stop and we need to get back to basics. Learn how to communicate human to human again. So many people have lost that and they don’t even know how to unwind anymore. We’re running ourselves ragged for the sake of the corporate machine. How long until it tears us apart?


  3. Treat them as you would have treated anything arriving in your ‘in-tray’ or onto your desk in the office….. before email came into existence! Prioritising manually, not as how email wants you to prioritise, sort. I only ever delete/deleted junk, spam, filed all others, electronically. If there was one I wasn’t ready to read or required a lengthy read, I printed it and read it on paper when, I was ready! which could be quite refreshing.! 🙂


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