What did I lose?

I know I lost something

But I don’t recall what it was

The pillow tried to remind me

But its all a faint memory

What did I lose?

What have I lost?  

What is there to lose?

Mind sifting and drumming

Reveling in unknown nostalgia

Though lost, there was a there

In a memory rectory 

What did I lose? 

Can I get it back?

Whose can I take?

My pretty flew away blushing

A flitting, fleeting memory

I was possibly happy

Now to search again in reverie

What did I lose? 

What did I want?

What can I grab? 

We could be searching

Only now is the time to be alive

Can’t be furiously lazy

Eschew jeopardy 
I just wanna live 

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  1. poem + street art great. the building com si com sa……..but: penang/malaysia came to my mind. the whole city is full with wonderful street art…


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