Oh NY: Vasectomies as asset protection against Cinderellas

I’m out in LA, the land of sun, surf and Hollywood dreams. It’s also the land of horrible traffic, poor public transportation infrastructure and oil wells well within beach range. Yes, I am not exaggerating. But I am not here to bash LA.  Not really.


Today, I was reading a Facebook post that made me giggle and long for the crazy classicism of New York in a silly way. Before I dive into that, let me note New York is awesome. I long to be back and I will return. I also proudly note that in New York, unlike other major US cities, you can see the billionaire former mayor sitting alongside a school teacher, an outreach advocate, a hair stylist, and Keanu Reeves. He totally mass transits it. He’s super cool. My point: New York brings many people from different classes, races and walks of life together. No way, you see that in LA. Ok. I’m moving on to my main point.

I was on Facebook liking the posts of my friends. I had just posted a picture of my first ever In and Out Burger. I always post photos of food, drinks and my son. No politics on my page. Anyway, I digress as I am known to do. I came across a post shared by a stranger, although a Facebook friend, that outright made me giggle. He’s my Facebook friend because I accidently friended him when I swiped a certain way on my iPad. He accepted my “friend request”  Turns out he’s funny. So I kept him as a friend. There I go again, digressing. My apologies.

The article was from the New York Post. Insert laughter here. They are a good “newspaper” to read while on the subway.  The article was titled “Hamptons bachelor’s are getting vasectomies so golddiggers can’t trap them.” Oh my. It was a completely serious article with some people willing to have their real identities disclosed. There’s a guy who is “like Tarzan with light eyes” (his description) who apparently has sex with a lot a women during the summer who are looking to live out the Cinderella story. What gives? Is he Tarzan or Prince Charming? Wait that might be Sleeping Beauty. Too many princes to keep track of.   Whoever the prince and Cinderella may be, this story is crazy.


Why would you want one of these crazy, narcissistic guys to father your child? If these guys are so worried, they could just not flash their money around. Oh wait, that’s how they feel they get women. That’s how they get a Cinderalla. Seems, they doth protect too much. Have you ever seen the show Royal Pains?   It was about a concierge doctor with a heart of gold in the Hamptons. They never showcased this run on vasectomies.   And we all know that television is real. Well, these days it is more real than real.


Well, I have certainly spent more time than warranted on this NY Post article.  In a way, it makes me miss New York even more. I would love to see people on the subway talking about the article.  Now there on the subway would have been some colorful comments to be sure.   I wonder if this phenomenon exists in LA as well?  Hmmm….



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