The sunglasses are on my head

Sure enough these days we run from one place to another with little breathing room in between. Everything is timed.

Let’s take my mornings, for example.  
I wake up. I zombie on over to the kitchen and get the coffee going. I check the time. I prepare the milk for my coffee. I’m Puerto Rican so I drink coffee with heated milk. I time the heating to the second. I drink one full cup while I watch the latest breaking news. Mind you, everything is breaking news these days. I change into my exercise clothes and head down to the gym. I do my lunges, leg presses and 30 minutes on the elliptical. I finish, head back up and prepare my second cup of coffee. This is all clockwork. Ritualized. 

In a way, we have at large, become one large Pavlovian dog. Have you heard of operant conditioning? How about intermittent reinforcement? Its not just for chickens. Well, we live these psychological theories every day. We learned lots from Pavlov and Skinner in terms of learning. But we learned not how to remain unsusceptible. But no more psychology talk from me. Back to me.

I have my daily morning, work and evening rituals. They run like clockwork. I believe most of us have these similar rituals. So much so that we ended up leaving our keys in the refrigerator. Or better yet, we often end up looking everywhere for our sunglasses that are just sitting on the top of our heads.   You know that you have done it. And not just once, either. 

Now, I don’t want to talk about how my sunglasses serve as a headband at times. Or that there are days that if I take off my sunglasses from my head, my hair freaks out.  Indeed, sunglasses can be a hit or miss fashion statement at times. 

My sunglasses serve to remind me I’m doing too much at times. Or that I’m moving too fast and need to slow down. My sunglasses have a story to tell. Its a story of hard work, resilience, temper tantrums in a fast-paced world that isn’t going to slow down anytime soon.  It doesn’t matter that there are many who argue for work-life balance. 

Both interestingly and irritatingly, at times, those arguing for work-life balance often impose their need over those of others. Often making others not have a work-life balance. It’s such a cruel, cruel world that way.  Oh my. How did I get here? 
Where are my sunglasses? Oh yes. They are right where I left them so that I could find them.  I think I need to but 20 more do that I can always find, at least, one pair. 

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  1. Oh yes, I work with a bunch of part-timers that seem to take many of the same days off. So – I am left doing all their jobs because I seem to be the only one working full-time. And yes – my glasses are always on top of my head – they keep the hair out of my eyes.


  2. For me it happens with everthing and then i need to turn myself into a funny detective sitting at one place quietly thinking where the last time i had seen or sensed that thing i am
    looking for,I think its more of a habit of getting lost with unconciousness, Meditation turns out to be a compensating good habit , it improves that a lot, day by day


  3. I admire your focus and determination but I would hate to wake up some day and find I’ve become a Pavlovian dog, a slave to ritual and routines. I love having a routine that’s made to be broken, change is good! There’s so much joy in the simple things, which get overlooked when life becomes a threadmill. What do you think?

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  4. Always get a giggle seeing sunglasses tucked carefully into the hair.
    That’s what I like about cities – strange and wonderful people doing strange and wonderful things.
    Toothbrush up the nose may be the next fad. Easy to find, generally accessible and comes in a delightful range of colours and shapes to suit the discerning person. After all we are all worth it!B


  5. Priorities, dear Mimi, priorities. They must be kept in order since, as we have learned, you can’t clone yourself! I agree that routines can help us Taureans to maintain our overall physical and mental health, and I think that having an object, like your sunglasses, as a kind of touchstone in your process can certainly help in this regard.


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