We need teleportation to regain our humanity: Stat!

I have a never-ending love, craving even, of travel. I just got back from a trip and am looking forward to the next. I think of Willie Nelson’s song “On the road again” with great fondness not only because my mother loved it but also because I’m always on the lookout for a new adventure.


As I get older these trips and adventures become even more important to embark upon. Bruce Springsteen had it right when he noted we were born to run.  I have come to love road trip travels as they can be quite a delight. I love being on the open road and seeing the countryside with its random artworks and monuments.  There is such a grand sense of exhiliration when you just drive and drive. Well, I don’t drive. But that is another matter.


south dakota

I am always going to be keen on road trips. However, air travel is another matter entirely. I love traveling to other countries and considering the geography of the United States, air travel is an evil necessity. And it is becoming worse and worse and more and more obnoxious, uncomfortable and demeaning.


We recently saw what happened to a passenger on an overbooked flight. Just a month ago, while I was in DC airport, I kept hearing airline personnel offer vouchers for people to give up their seats on overbooked flights. I just kept thinking this process was just crazy.  Are there that many people who can easily get on a later flight? Then this past week, American Airlines announced that it will make the space between seats even smaller so that they can add more seats to the flights. How can we sit still with even less wiggle room? It seems inhumane.


Further, this past week, a new study predicted that there will be a huge increase in severe air turbulence. The researchers specifically predicted a spike in severe air turbulence by 2050 by 149 percent.  So, we will be in tighter spaces and rocking back and forth horrifically.  This just does not bode well for travel overall and not well at all for those of us with wanderlust.   This is supposed to happen because of an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  Hmm. Can we do something about this now before we all end up as ragdolls easily bumped around on planes?  Did you see what happened on Aeroflot plane this past week where close to 30 people were injured due to turbulence? It seems like that was a scene out of a bad science fiction, horror film.


If we need to be in a science fiction scene, what about we develop teleportation at large? Back in 2014, there had been a major news headline that screamed teleportation would be possible in the far future. How far? Is 2017 far enough? We are, as a society, in desperate need to get teleportation going on a large scale. Our limbs, morale, and overall sense of humanity depends on it. Just two days ago, two passengers got on a random fist fight on a flight our of Japan. No one understood why the one passenger started hitting the other.  Where is our humanity?


Air travel is stressful these days.  You may be dragged off an overbooked flight.  You may not board early enough to have overhead luggage space. Your knees may be right up against the seat in front of you.  And you may tear a knee muscle as a result. You may not be fed or you may be given really crappy, pretzels to keep you happy. Teleportation would end all this craziness. Yes, teleportation may allow us to be human again as we satisfy our travel desires even if our body gets broken down molecule by molecule in the teleportation process. The irony.



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  1. I wish I can teleport from one place to another. Like going to Paris and then London until I can mark every place the Europe have, and I can tour around the world, the universe even. I was fortunately born in a poor family. Hehe. And whenever I ride a car, well, I am nauseas. That the worse thing. So, having teleport is a lot easier.


  2. I think they next step by the airlines is to pack us in boxes and stack us high. The way airlines treat people these days is unforgivable. The airlines should, collectively, hang their heads in shame but, of course, they’ll never do that until they are made to. They treat us like sheep and they don’t call economy section ‘cattle class’ without reason!


  3. At some point the airlines are going to have to pay the price for the disdain with which they have treated their customers. The recent incidents have shown the anger that has built up over the way air travelers, that is people who spend hundreds of dollars on short domestic flights, have been treated. The U.S. airlines only survive because they have consolidated and created monopoly routes. It will only get better if there is competition.


  4.     Teleportation can be done, but it is only called for in an emergency. When too many people acquire the knowledge, chaos can ensue. It is not recommended for those inclined to teleport themselves to a location inside a wall or onto a battle field. But a hotel room is usually acceptable if one has a proper reservation. Although, popping into an occupied bed is bad manners and not de rigueur.
        Teleportation can be mastered but it takes practice and discipline. The beginner usually needs the assistance of a mind amplifier like one of the hyxfacacda models.
        Before beginning, one must master one of the forms of deep meditation, such as the mikwumpa method, until they can reliably see and identify the iridescent blue lights known as the pfambuuwisen. Once that can be done, one uses them to find a desired location through the usual psychic means. In order to go to the next level, intense focus is required to jump into the scene like jumping into a dream. The first time this can be quite difficult and that is why the hyxfacacda is used as a crutch until the student gets stronger. But there is a misconception about this: no one is torn apart into their constituent atoms. We come into existence from an alternate reality and we can re-locate through it and come back into existence without changing any physical forms.
        Once you get to know it, it can be quite easy. However, for most individuals, it is forbidden by law. But you never know until you apply for a license.
        We’ll be organizing a seminar soon. Watch for the notices.


  5. Oh how easy travel would be, it would be amazing. Efficiency would be through the roof and even better.. jet lag would be non existent (major selling point lol)! Someone fund this idea, we need improved travel.. or atleast some comfort, that would be nice!


  6. Cancel air travel to cut the pollutants which cause air turbulence. That should make it better to fly. Then cancel air travel to cut the pollutants…………………………………………..
    And so it goes.
    Seems as silly as not breathing out because of the pollutant used air. We can’t just keep breathing in because it’s the only safe and ecological process.


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