Why I will never get into the habit of making my bed

I have started making my son’s bed. Am I finally growing up?
That’s my answer. But let’s rewind and take this from the beginning.


I don’t make my bed. I just don’t care how rumpled a bed may be.


Here is my thinking and philosophy on this. If you are not home during the day, why do you care if the bed is made? Who is going to see it? I certainly don’t have a nanny cam to check up on my bed. It remains unmade and I suspect that if my bed were a character in the Beauty and the Beast movie, it would sing a diddy about being free and not constrained. I honestly don’t get the point of making my bed.

There are some out there that will argue that when you start off the day by making your bed, you get a sense of accomplishment early in the day. Supposedly you get a boost. No. I don’t get a boost from making my bed. You know what gives me a boost in the morning? Coffee.  You know what gives me zip? When I get an early email telling me that my meetings for the day have been cancelled.  Making my bed just takes up useless time. I’ve got an elliptical to get on that gives me an adrenaline rush and caffeine to ingest.

Some may also argue that by making your bed in the morning, you make a comfortable place to which you can come home to and thus relax. No. Not really. I come home so tired from work, that I easily can fall asleep on the floor, couch or in the bath.  A messy bed isn’t going to stop me from falling asleep. Maybe, instead of a made bed, we can collectively work on having better work environments and reasonable work expectations.   Wouldn’t you take that over a made-up bed?

Others have noted that making one’s bed can start one off on a path of good habits. First off, I don’t need good habits. I love my bad ones. I embrace them.  I drink Coke Zero for breakfast.   I like gummy bears.  I read In Touch Magazine.  I also try to do good for the world. So, I’ve got it all covered.


I feel it all, I feel it all
I feel it all, I feel it all
The wings are wide, the wings are wide
Wild card in sight, wild card in sight

I totally love that Feist song “Feel it all”

Now that I have established why I don’t care about making my bed, let me discuss my recent actions in which I have made my son’s bed.  I will start right off the bat with noting I don’t know why I have taken to doing it. It could be that I see him growing up too quickly and I want to make his bed as a way of keeping him as my baby. Sure. It could be that. It could be that I I am too revved up by work and need something simple to do and I don’t care to make my bed as it goes against my personal life philosophy. Thus, I make my son’s bed.  It could be that his bed is so messy that my parenting cleaning skills kick in. Supposedly, there is such a thing.

Despite the fact that I have made his bed this past week, I will not make my own. So, I am not growing up anytime soon when it comes to that. I will not make my own bed and lie in it. I just won’t accept that. Yes, I am referring to more than just my bed.

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  1. I think it’s a nice gesture to make your son’s bed. I make my daughter’s lunch. She’s in high school. My husband thinks I’m nuts and that she won’t grow up. I think she has plenty of time to make her own lunch for the rest of her life. :0)

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  2. I have to make my bed because an unmade bed is associated in my mind with illness. If I have been sick in bed then the bed is not made. So if I come to an unmade bed in the nighttime/bedtime I will be quite disturbed by it. I am not OCD. I just like the neatness of a made bed. I did not make either of my kids beds after the age of 12. Their beds were their territory. Well..that’s enough from me!!


  3. I don’t make my bed either. I agree its a waste of time. When I get home from work, I don’t see a made bed as a comfort, I see it as a hindrance that I have to get the covers in the spot I want them. When the bed is messy, I just get in and pick up where I left off! I do make my bed when I change my sheets, and that’s enough of an accomplishment for me. If all the people who worried about trivial things like bed-making would take 5-10 minutes out of their day to do something positive for the world, I think we’d make this place a lot better, don’t you?!

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  4. I totally agree! Love all your posts! Lol. I love the style, the humor and the simplicity yet profundity of the writing, so unique yet reminiscent of my own.. I’m interested in psychology too, so we seem like kindred spirits 🙂 As a busy full-time working mom of 2 boys, I hardly get time to post, but I appreciate your support so far too. Keep these posts a-coming…:) Your#1 biggest fan 😉


  5. I make my bed after getting up by taking hold of the covers and pulling them up over my pillow. When I was a kid still living at home, I made my bed neatly every day.. WITH hospital corners. And no, it didn’t make me feel accomplished then. So now, it’s just the one motion. :).


  6. I don’t make my bed either and haven’t done that, since I lived in my mothers house many years ago.
    I perspire in the night and don’t wish to go into a humid bed for the next night, so I have always lifted off to the end of the bed, so I could get a dry bed instead.
    Why use our time at such not important stuff?


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