The super bloom and my alarm clock 

I’m a spring baby. One would think that I would be ok with flowers, grass and trees overall. Howecer, I tend to get horrific spring and fall allergies. Yet, my allergies don’t stop me from looking fondly at tulips and the like.


As an allergy-ridden New Yorker one thing I looked forward to in moving to Los Angeles, was not having as severe an allergy season to suffer through.  You know, LA has had a severe drought for a decade or so. Had! I moved to Los Angeles and lo and behold it starts to rain and rain.

Well, not only do Los Angelinos not know how to drive in rain (arguably many do not know how to drive at all) they are also not used to pollen. Thus, everyone everywhere is sneezing up a storm.  We ran out of tissue paper in my office. That is how bad the allergies have been and how unprepared those in Los Angeles have been. We are living through a “super bloom”. Whatever. It’s the same old, same old to me.  I just laugh it off.


Well, somewhat. It could be that I’m burnt out. It could be I’m annoyed to no end. Or it could be the superbloom. Regardless of origin, I can’t readily wake up in the mornings these days. I have never set the alarm clock at home to wake up for work. I just wake up. I’ve always had an internal alarm clock. Yet, this week if it were not for my alarm I would be getting in late to work. Well, late for me mind you. I still get in at 8am with about three other people. 
While in Hong Hong I was up every day by 5am. Yet, I can’t do it this week back home. I am one of those people who believes you have to listen to your body. I’ve been craving tomatoes all week. And I believe that is because my eyes need the vitamins therein. So, when my body can’t get up in the morning, it’s trying to send me a message. It very well could be that the super bloom is causing chaos in my body. I am sneezing. That can be tiring. But that would be just so silly and non-dramatic. It can’t be something that simple.
Spring is in the air. Unknown pollen are in the air. There’s a general haze coating our collective vision. It could be the superbloom or it could be that my body needs to be rejuvenated. It could be that my mind needs a pep. Maybe a pep talk?
It’s spring. It’s time to change things up. 

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