A while ago I became unstuck. 

I freed myself from my own rooted spot,

To only get mired in a sinking earth. 

Then I rose from the drought,

To only free float and wonder what’s next.
Stuck and unstuck

Sticky and non-sticky

What is it?
I traveled to a new spot

To wish for another. 

I scanned the landscape pot,

To only see no easy knob to turn.
Stuck and unstuck 

Sticky and non-sticky

What is it?
A while back I decoded the rhyme,

To only be given a new tune.

I turn, turn, turn the words 

And found a new compass.


Forever more

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  1. I call it the restless unsettled beast that just so happens to have carved out a corner of my mind to rest in. Unfortunately, nothing I do will get him to move on. So occasionally we end up wrestling when he wants a more wide open space, and one of these days, I think I just might let him win.


  2. Life as people live it no matter if your financially set and well secured, life can throw big titlewaves of emotions that you could hyperthetically think you might just as well jump on a surfboard and catch the next wave, but you are the battler of the storm of any kind of situation you just give that issue of the situation your stuck in like a stick stuck in the mud give it your best in your mind of thoughts and recognition to yourself that you can give closure to any kind of difficult situation, life is beautiful but in times it has it’s ups and it has it’s downs like riding a seesaw if people can’t learn there are different ways of handling stressful events you may not come in a ratio level always on top of the situation but there’s one thing that won’t happen anymore you will never have that feeling of being stuck with no answers how to become unstuck with a proud feeling that you weathered the storm of that stuck attitude you once felt about yourself, give yourself some credit and maintain a positive attitude and enjoy your life.


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