By Tram, Escalator and Ferry: Hong Konging it


Despite severe jet lag and a deep desire to wake up at 2am yet still sleep, we went off on an early morning (and eventual day-long) adventure.  The day was foggy giving Kong Kong an eerie sense of ghosts abounding through the landscape. It could very well be that my eyes were bleary as my conact lens did get stuck in my eye for a bit.  But indeed it was a bit foggy but everything felt safe and secure as we used one form of public transportation after the other.


Early on we started walking through the Hong Kong park where we came to find there was no line for the tram all the way up to the Peak.   As the tram made its way slowly up the mountain side we did briefly consider walking back down. Then we realized that we were a bit feverish. It is totally possible to walk back down but why would you want to cosnidering that soon enough 20,000 steps would come and go as we made our way through central Hong Kong.

Hong kong_sunday_april 9 2017 120


Once at the top of the peak, we got to rest for a few minutes while we took in the view of the skyscrapers and habour. Supposedly, one of the houses along the path up to the peak sold for 800 million dollars.  I thought the view was indeed lovely but I could find other uses for 800 million dollars.

Hong kong_sunday_april 9 2017 095

Once we made our way back down we hit Hollywood Road because we now live in Los Angeles and just had to see one of its namesakes. Then we came across the escalator. Rather, the escalator is a series of interlinked escalators that is over 2500 feet.  It is an extremely cool way to go up the hill and see busy, hidden side streets.

Hong kong_sunday_april 9 2017 221Hong kong_sunday_april 9 2017 222

Once we made our way up and back down the escalators, we hit the ferry to go through the harbour.



Hong kong_sunday_april 9 2017 332


We walked on and on this lovely day.  We sat on a tram, stood on escalators for a few thousand feet and we rode a ferry taking in the salty, foggy air.   I felt like we were in an adventure movie trying to escape robots (or replicants) that were after us for some unknown reason. High rises rise and rise here in Hong Kong.  You feel a need to keep up and surprisingly it is rather easy to stay on top of it all (yes several puns there).


Despite the fog, it was a dazzling and dizzying day.  Onwards to the next adventure.

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  1. Where does that tram track go in that first picture? it looks like it just drops off the face of the Earth! What an interesting city though, thanks for sharing!


  2. A great place HK. my son lives there, has done for years so we go out and visit regularly. It’s great having a local guide who knows all the best places to go to, including some that tourists never really see.


  3. I agree with Mike – HK is an unforgettable place. Once you’ve experienced that view from the peak, there will always be something inside you that would like to go back.


  4. Curious to know your thoughts on comparing San Francisco to Hong Kong. Seems there are quite a few similarities between the two, at least geographically, that look like they’ve been dealt with quite differently! Also looking forward to your culinary adventures there.🍲


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