Putting on my party dress to work out

Sometimes I like to watch really bad televison to just either fall asleep or to numb my racing mind after a long day of work. Have you ever watched the television show Scorpion? It is one of the most ludicrous shows out there. Each episode gets more and more fantastic (not in the good sense but in the ridiculous sense).   The first episode ever, the team of geniuses drove a lamborghini  under a flying plane where they had to connect a laptop to the plane with a hard wired connection, and the co-pilot went down into the wheel to plug in an ethernet cable. Don’t ask why? On another episode they stopped a tornado.


Sometimes I feel like I am in the middle of a bad Scorpion episode. Not that I am working with a merry band of misfit geniuses trying to solve crazy problems each day. Often, it’s just that I find myself asking “why am I here?”   Or why am I wearing this dress?   And not in the way you may think.


Consider this.


This week was unbelievably long and short at the same time.  I had a major event at work that required much brain power as well as just maintaining a grand sense of calm and outward bliss. While I wanted to yell, I just smiled and smiled and came off as sweet.  It worked and I got through the trying week. I came home last night so tired that I could barely keep my eyes open but I wanted to stay awake to just feel alive. Does that make sense? I didn’t want to go to straight to bed, upon getting home, from extreme weariness and fatigue.  That is not a way to live.


Despite my eyes being swollen and bloodshot from the day, I turned on my television and scrolled through my DVR recordings. And there was a Scorpion episode waiting for me to laugh at it. I watched the episode in and out of consciousness. I woke up a few hours later drowsy and itchy-eyed and having to get ready for work.


But first I went to work out. I went to my closet and looked for a set of workout clothes. I picked out a set and went to put my sneakers on. I looked in the mirror and found that I was wearing a dress. I clearly had watched too much ridiculous television the night before, worked too hard and needed some rest. My subconscious either wanted to celebrate, party to forge, or dress up to feel energized.


Consider this.


I thought about going down to the gym dressed up in my dress. It was 5:30am. Would anyone even notice or care? It is Los Angeles after all.  I saw a woman once working out in her underewear (no pants).   Truth be told, I was feeling too tired to change out of my dress.  Eventually, I mustered up enough energy to chaneg into exercise clothes.  But first I had to just shake my head at myself. I had been so tired that I almost went ot the gym in a party dress.


Consider this. Is that a way to live?


Maybe. I suppose working out in a party dress could be fun. If anything, just to see how non-wacky and normal it is amongst other gym attendees.





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  1. I would love to have seen you turn up at the gym in your party dress. If I had one with a fancy ballerina tulle skirt I would love to wear it to my gym. Just to flip out a few people there, all serious in their spandex tight fitting gym workout gear! Thanks for this post. It is just what I needed at the end of the week!


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