Who gets to eat the last cookie?

There are awkward moments and there are awkward moments on life. And then there are just silly moments that cause no life harm but can be awkward nonetheless. 

When you got out to lunch or dinner with business associates, at times, you may decide to share various appetizers or entrees so that everyone can get a sampling. That can either be good or bad depending on table manners, allergies and your level of hunger. Then there is that moment when there is one last piece of brushetta left. Who gets it? 

Sometimes no one decides to eat it for fear of appearing greedy. I don’t know what Ms Manners has to say on this matter but more often than not, I offer the last piece to others. To me, it’s the polite thing to do. When it’s men, they often do go ahead and eat it. When it’s women they too often defer the last puece. So there on the table is a plate with a lonely piece of something that stands forever and ever till the waiter takes it away. 
The same often happens at work when someone cool brings in pink cupcakes  (when, that would be me), donuts or cookies. What you often seen is either someone scurrying out of the office kitchen with a guilty look on their face or a lonely cookie goes stale and possibly moldy. Hey pennicilin, right? I suppose not. 

Now when it’s family and friends eating out at a restaurant there is less politeness but negotiations certainly occur.  People may offer to split the last piece. Or everyone may joke that so-and-so may need it more if they have flamingo legs, as I was told as a kid. Ah, family!  

Now what really gets my goat, is when someone at home takes my last piece of fritter, flan, or finishes off my creamer. Now, note I used the word “I”.  Yes, at home we have our designated goodies. Let’s not pretend otherwise. I have my favorite coffee cup and my specific snacks. Is that horrible to admit. Nah. We all do it. That’s why I go grocery shopping.  When I used to stay in other people’s houses I never dared to finish anything. But I believe times have changed. That last cookie at home becomes a hunger games scenario. May the best man or woman win. 

Who will get this last chorizo fry?

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  1. I will always be brave enough to ask before taking the last cookie
    Not so shy as to leave it but polite enough to offer it to others first

    For wasting that fine treat (pink cup cakes even!) is by far a worse crime!

    Epic Write, fun and as ever relevant


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