The Sin Eater has been making a lot of guest appearances lately

I watch a lot of television. A lot. I’ve made that clear before. I’m also Not ashamed of my television viewing habits. I watch high-brow, low-brow and everything in between. Admittedly, I do not watch many reality tv shows. I have enough crazy, manufactured drama in my life to watch that on tv as well. I have often thought about starring in reality TV show myself. Rather, I have thought about asking a reality television show to come film at my places of work. It really doesn’t matter which work place of mine. Any of them would have qualified for a crazy reality TV show. I’m sure many others out there feel similarly. 

Anyway, during my recent numerous hours of television watching at late night taught me about a creature (or person) I wasn’t really familiar with before. That being of the sin eater. Who, on the face of it, I can be down with it. I mean, think about it, a person who takes on another’s sin is a pretty nice thing to do gor someone. In the past (long, long yime ago) sin eaters  were considered particularly helpful when someone died unexpectedly. Supposedly, the deceased, in such a case, didn’t have time to confess and repent. I wonder if that could be part of life insurance benefits? 
If only there would be an exercise eater: a person who works out on your behalf and you get the firm body and weight loss. That would rock. 
But I digress my friends. 
On the currently aired  television show Sleepy Hollow, Ichobad Crane’ s son is a sin eater. A few weeks ago, on the show Arrow, Captain Lance was referred to as a sin eater because of the heavy burden he carried on his shoulders. On the Blacklist, Red told Lizzie he’s a sin eater as he addresses evil and tries to keep her memory clean of the past. There was also a sin eater on the tv show Lucifer. I could go on and on. But you get it. The sin eater, even if at a subconscious level, is on our collective mind.
This is why I love television. I learn so much. I not only learned about the sin eater, but I gained insight into our psychology. We are haunted. We feel guilty. We want an easy pass.
Most certainly current events would have us scratching our heads and wondering what’s going on. Maybe the sin eater had quit? Maybe he only works leap years. Maybe he doesn’t exist at all.
As the Usual Suspects noted a fabulous movie by the way):

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”

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  1. I have never heard of a sin eater. But I think it is a brilliant idea, as is an exercise eater. I really need one of those, so I can lay around and vegetate in front of the television at night and get in shape at the same time. I could also use a chore eater, a laundry eater and a garden eater (oh wait I have one of those already).
    I thought you were going to talk about a sin eater, like a person that eats sinfully while watching stuff on TV.


  2. I don’t know if you read a lot of fiction, but in one of the Outlander novels by Diana Gabaldon, there is a very intense scene featuring a sin eater. I had never heard of it before that as well. Pretty interesting serendipity.


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